This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Add Watermarks


This plugin allows you to add a watermark images on all images that were uploaded in your wordpress. The watermark is generated on-the-fly and cached for faster access.

To see the plugin in action, select “Add watermark to all images”, chose a watermark image and and submit the settings page. You should then see the watermark appearing on your site. You might need to reload the page (F5 in most browsers) to bypass the browser cache.

The plugin does not change your source images. To disable all watermarks, simply disable the plugin, and everything is back to normal.

If you encounter errors (especially syntax errors), check your PHP version. It should be at least 7.0. This plugin requires Apache and mod_rewrite.


  • You can select an image to use as watermark and to which images watermarks should be applied.
  • The settings to adjust the position of the watermark. Those are lots of numbers, but there is a (resizeable) live preview area ;-). If you are familiar with CSS, you should have no problem with this.
  • You can add or remove watermarks from individual images in the media library.


You need an apache Server with mod_rewrite installed and a recent php version with gd enabled. ~90% of the web hosting providers out there provide this by default.

Install and activate this plugin.

Then go to Settings->Add watermark. You can upload or chose your watermark image there. For a first test, you can leave the position settings as they are.

Manual uninstall

Mind that the plugin adds a .htaccess file for processing the images.

If you deactivate / uninstall it, the hooks will automatically be deleted.

If that fails (or you want to uninstall manually), delete:

  • The plugin directory (as you would with every other plugin)
  • Delete wp-content/uploads/.htaccess
  • Delete wp-content/uploads/watermark-cache/


Will this plugin need extra space

Yes. since all images are cached with a watermark, you need twice the space for images on your server.

Does this plugin reduce performance

Not much. You might experience a longer loading time on the first access to the image (normally when you upload it or on your first view of the post). But afterwards there will be no speed impact, since all logic is encoded in a htaccess-File and not in PHP.

How can I remove a watermark

Go to the media library, switch to list view (not gallery). Select the checkbox next to the image and then chose “Remove watermark” from the dropdown on the top of the page.


अक्टोबर 22, 2018 1 जवाफ
It broke all images in our site, I’m so glad we have Updraft Plus backing up our site 24/7 every hour, otherwise I would have gotten into a total disaster. DO NOT INSTALL THIS until the author fixes it.
सेप्टेम्बर 25, 2018
Nach der Installation und Aktivierung des Plugins kann bei meinem Theme Impreza keine Auswahl der Optionen mehr getroffen werden. Erst nach Deaktivierung funktioniert es wieder. Leider sind aber nach Deaktivierung des Plugins keine Bilder in den Beiträgen mehr sichtbar. Erst nach Aktivierung sind diese wieder zu sehen, dann funktioniert aber die Auswahlmöglichkeit bei Impreza nicht mehr. Sämtliche meiner Versuche dieses Plugin ordentlich zu löschen scheitern, da anschließend alle Beitragsbilder nicht mehr ersichtlich sind. Niemand kann bisher den Fehler finden, bzw. es so deaktivieren oder löschen, das anschließend wieder alles funktioniert. Schade, hatte sich sehr vielversprechend angehört.
सेप्टेम्बर 25, 2018 1 जवाफ
I deactivated and removed the plugin. The watermarks persisted. I added it back and disabled all the watermarks. Removed again. Uploaded the images I needed in my site, deciding to forgo watermarks entirely. It all broke. My entire image library was a minefield of server and 404 errors that my webhost temporarily disabled my site. I had to manually delete this plugn’s cache from my files before anything would work correctly. Ugh. Just ugh. Half star, if I could.
सेप्टेम्बर 22, 2018
Sorry to give you 1 star but the plugin brake completely the image directory of wpcasa plugin. Two days to understand the problem, .htaccess inside uploads (two different .htaccess) and reconfigure everything. Do not install it
सेप्टेम्बर 3, 2016
Plugin looks great and Easy to Work. But some images are failed to load in Admin and Front view. I am using PHP version 5.5.30 only. Any solution for make it work ?
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योगदानकर्ता र डेभलपरहरू

“Add Watermarks” खुला स्रोत सफ्टवेयर हो। निम्न व्यक्तिहरूले यो प्लगिनमा योगदान गरेका छन्।


“Add Watermarks” 1 लोकेलमा अनुवाद गरिएको छ। योगदानको लागि अनुवादकहरूलाई धन्यवाद।

“Add Watermarks” लाई आफ्नो भाषामा अनुवाद गर्नुहोस्

विकासमा रुचि छ?

आरएसएस द्वारा कोड ब्राउज गर्नुहोस्, एसभीएन रिपजिटरी हेर्नुहोस्, वा विकास लग को सदस्यता लिनुहोस्।