Reward Video Ad for WordPress


$5+ CPMs guaranteed! AppLixir provides a powerful Plugin to help you monetize your WordPress site with Rewarded Video Ads!

AppLixir Rewarded Video Ads

  • Hundreds of Game developers use our solution to make thousands of dollars every day!
  • It is FREE! We work on a revenue share basis and DO NOT charge anything.
  • We bring the Technology, the Advertisers, and the Money. All you need is to install the plugin!
  • No code knowledge needed.
  • Best rated Free Support!

Rewarded video ads are popular among Game Developers because it’s the major source of revenue to monetize non-paying players while protecting the core Game experience. That is the same experience we are bringing to WordPress Content sites.

It is all available with a simple WordPress Plugin Install. No coding skill needed. You can offer users to continue reading your posts and in exchange for watching a ~30 seconds Ad. It is a simple, clear and clean proposition!

About AppLixir

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to monetize your WordPress site with AppLixir’s Reward Video Ads. Start generating revenue and providing a rewarding experience for your users today!

  • Seamless Integration
    We’ve made it easy to install our WordPress plugin, put your AppLixir ID, and start earning using WordPress Rewarded Video Ads.

  • Premium Earnings
    By using Rewarded Video Ads on your WordPress website, you can enhance the user experience, earn higher CPM and get better Fill Rates.

  • User Engagement
    While old fashioned ads can be ignored or blocked, you can ask your readers to watch an ad before reading to get access to your content & so much more.

Terms & Condition

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  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for AppLixir Reward Video
  3. Install AppLixir Reward video once it appears.
  4. Activate AppLixir Reward Video.


  1. Go to “AppLixir Setting” just below Plugins tab.
  2. Follow the 3 steps in “account setting”
  3. Insert the Show Ad button
  4. You’re done!
    Check WordPress AppLixir for any questions or clarifications


अक्टोबर 12, 2020
I want to make some of my posts with a reward ad instead of adaptive. Now I can do so. Thank.
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