DPS PxPay for WP eCommerce


DPS PxPay for WP eCommerce adds a credit card payment gateway for DPS Payment Express PxPay 2.0 to the WP eCommerce shopping cart plugin.


  • creation of this plugin was generously sponsored by Nick Sundberg.

Thanks for sponsoring new features on DPS PxPay for WP eCommerce!



Information gathered for processing a credit card transaction is transmitted to Payment Express for processing, and in turn, Payment Express passes that information on to your bank. Please review Payment Express’ Privacy Policy for information about how that affects your website’s privacy policy. By using this plugin, you are agreeing to the terms of use for Payment Express.


  • WP eCommerce payments settings
  • WP eCommerce Sales Log with transaction ID and authcode


After uploading and activating this plugin, you need to configure it.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Store > Payments in the admin menu
  2. Activate the DPS Payment Express PxPay payment gateway and click the Update button
  3. Edit the DPS Payment Express PxPay payment gateway settings
  4. Set your DPS PxPay user ID and key
  5. Set your Sandbox account details if using a sandbox
  6. Optionally, map some fields from the checkout to PxPay fields so that they get passed to the gateway


What is DPS PxPay?

DPS PxPay is a hosted Credit Card payment gateway. DPS Payment Express is one of Australasia’s leading online payments solutions providers.

What is the difference between Normal and Sandbox (testing) mode?

You can store two pairs of User ID and User Key credentials. When you first signup for a PxPay account with DPS you will likely be issued development or testing credentials. Later, when you want to go live with your site, you will need to request a new User ID and User Key from DPS. Sandbox mode enables you to switch between your live and test credentials. If you only have testing credentials, both your User ID and Test ID and User Key and Test Key should be identical. In this instance, Sandbox mode can be switched either On or Off.

Where do I find the DPS PxPay transaction number?

The transaction number and the bank authcode are shown under Billing Details when you view the sales log for a purchase in the WordPress admin.

Can I do recurring payments?

Not yet.

Where can I find dummy Credit Card details for testing purposes?

Visit the Payment Express FAQ page for test card numbers.

I get an SSL error when my form attempts to connect with DPS

This is a common problem in local testing environments. Read how to fix your website SSL configuration.

Can I use this plugin on any shared-hosting environment?

The plugin will run in shared hosting environments, but requires PHP with the following modules enabled (talk to your host). Both are typically available because they are enabled by default in PHP, but may be disabled on some shared hosts.

  • XMLWriter
  • SimpleXML

Are there any filter hooks?

Developers can use these filter hooks to modify some invoice properties. Check the source code for details.

  • dps_pxpay_wpsc_invoice_ref for modifying the invoice reference
  • dps_pxpay_wpsc_invoice_txndata1 for setting the TxnData1 field
  • dps_pxpay_wpsc_invoice_txndata2 for setting the TxnData2 field
  • dps_pxpay_wpsc_invoice_txndata3 for setting the TxnData3 field
  • dps_pxpay_wpsc_code_description for modifying the error messages returned from DPS Payment Express on failed access attempts



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Released 2021-03-04

  • changed: don’t call libxml_disable_entity_loader() in PHP 8.0 (now deprecated)