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FW Gallery – Photo, video, audio media presentation and management system with players and slideshow

This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

FW Gallery – Photo, video, audio media presentation and management system with players and slideshow


6 responsive designs

Starting with a standard Bootstrap design you can get 5 more to make your gallery stand out Pinterest design, Elegant design, Polaroid design, Fancy design, and Classic design. The designs can be selected and configured in the global Settings or individually at a category level.

Photo, video, audio or mixed categories

Create Image, Video, Audio or Mixed (Images + Videos + Audios) categories to present information exactly as you need for your needs. Use popular images formats like JPG, PNG, GIF for pictures. Video can be uploaded as MP4 files or added as remote movies from YouTube or Vimeo. For audios you can use MP3, WAV, OGG file types.

Front-end manager

The easiest way to manage files online without going to Admin Panel. Very helpful for those users who are not very tech-savvy. While functionality for managing categories and files is almost identical to Admin version, Super User can limit Front-end Manager to certain categories.


Place images or video files or even full galleries within posts or widgets on your website using Shortcodes. Add a layout shortcode inside a post or a widget to define a gallery object you want to place, use parameters to choose design and layout for the selected object.

Translation manager

Get a translation to any language for your FW Gallery website. Use Translation Manager in Admin Panel to download a language you need and correct translation to your taste and need. Select a language you need to translate to, add your translations based on English version, save, and you are done.


  • Categories with sub-categories and file grid.
  • Single file page, which can be opened as a page or as a lightbox.
  • Flat category layout, that shows all sub categories with all their files.
  • Tabbed category layout, that shows categories with their individual design and layout settings as tabs.
  • Slideshow category layout, that shows category files as a autoplay slideshow with lots of preview options.
  • Front-end Manager page, that allows to edit files and categories via front-end, if allowed by global settings.
  • Files Import allows importing files from FTP folder, Instagram, Google Photos and Facebook.
  • Tags allow searching files by tags and creating categories by defining tags only.
  • Vote & Rate allow files voting, using stars, likes and thumbs options.
  • Admin Category listing.
  • Admin Files listing.
  • Admin File edit layout.


FW Gallery plugin installation process is very simple and straightforward.

We have an up-to-date documentation with detailed process description at fastw3b.com.

Brief steps overview to get FW Gallery plugin installed.

  1. Download an installation file from wordpress.org or fastw3b.com which should look like fw_gallery_wp_veresion_JUST_INSTALL.zip.
  2. Go to WP Admin -> Plugins and click Add New button.

  3. After plugin is installed, click Activate button.

  4. Go to WP Admin -> FW Gallery (note a big section on a sidebar) and add some categories and files.
  5. Use [fwmg_categroies category_id=”12″] or [fwmg_categroies categories=”My first category”] for a category layout in a post.
  6. Use [fwmg_file file_id=”23″] or [fwmg_file file=”My first video file”] for a file layout in a post.

Full list of all available shortcodes with parameters available in Shortcodes documentation.


Is FW Gallery a free plugin?

Yes, FW Gallery is a free plugin with a comprehensive set of features suitable for the websites with media content and helps to organize media files structure.

How to install add-ons?

Go to WP Admin -> FW Gallery -> Dashboard. Make sure to verify your website to connect it with your fastw3b.com account and download free and purchased add-ons.

Why do I need to verify my website?

Verification is required for the following reasons:
1. To install plugin and add-on updates.
2. To get support in Client Section at fastw3b.com.
3. To be able to install/update free and purchased add-ons.
4. To buy new add-ons from Admin -> Add-ons section.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are specific plugins that work only with FW Gallery plugin and extend its functionality in various ways. Add-on can be another layout with shortcode to use, a new set of parameters to extend existing plugin functions or even a design for plugin elements.

Why would I need an add-on?

While FW Gallery is a fully self-sufficient solution, add-ons may add features your website needs. The main plugin has a functionality that is critical for it to work. All other features come as add-ons to allow customers to decide which configuration they prefer on their website. Add-on is the simplest way to add new features and design to FW Gallery.

How to get an add-on?

There are 2 ways to get add-ons:
1. Go to WP Admin -> FW Gallery -> Add-ons and get add-ons from there.
2. Go to FW Gallery official page on fastw3b.com, scroll to Add-ons section and get them from there.
All add-ons you have available will be listed in WP Admin -> FW Gallery -> Dashboard -> Add-on section.


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  • FWG Front-end manager login form for WordPress added.
  • Language files update.


  • Admin CSS Styles update to make design CSS tabs editable for easier text copying.
  • Renamed “Save” button to “Save Custom CSS” to make more obvious the fact that only Custom CSS can be edited and stored in the database.
  • Numerous language corrections.


  • This is the first release of FW Gallery on WordPress, but since the product has a long history, we keep versions the same to keep them synced.