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Build Multi-step Guided Selling Process & Smart Forms to Convert 10X More Traffic Into Leads & New Customers. WP Guidant is a guided selling process that lets you create guides to display products with smart filters. This is a revolutionary plugin that can convert a whole shopping website into a selling system that interacts with users, lets them filter through the data with simple gestures, and find their desired products in seconds.

WP Guidant is the plugin if you are looking for the easiest way to introduce your products or services to visitors. The whole process works within your current database, picking up everything you might want to add to the filters. With WP Guidant, you can build a step-by-step guide as well as conversational forms with a dynamic form builder system.

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The plugin can filter a wide range of data, display the filters in a card or slider format as well as mandatory form fields, capable of filling all your needs. This is the most versatile plugin that saves you from making endless product categories and simply adds up everything within a few guided selling processes.


The WP Guidant is a guided selling process builder for WordPress. The guided process is like a step-by-step question session for the users. By picking a choice in every step, the user gets close to the most desired answer they seek.

Simply, WP Guidant takes user input on the filters and displays the closest things (post, product, etc) that match the clients’ criteria. The whole process takes only a couple of seconds but the result is extraordinary!

Simply, WP Guidant filters every product on your site and picks the most suitable ones for you. Visitors just need to go through the steps to the end result. Everything is completed in a single minute.


  1. Easy Guided Selling

    Make a super easy guided and recommendation process out of a variety of products, posts, etc. The guide is capable of letting the user pick their choices using a fast-paced step-by-step filter system. WP Guidant sweeps through the whole site data in seconds to find the right product.

  2. Easy Product Sorting

    WP Guidant integrates with WooCommerce and empowers you to quickly sort out products using the guided system. Also works on posts, pages, forms, etc. No matter how messed up your site is, WP Guidant will work its magic.

  3. Lots of Filters

    WP Guidant can access most of the data on your WordPress site (post, content, WooCommerce) and turn them into filters. When you have a lot of filter options, you can add more numbers behind each guide and provide more choices for the users.

  4. Cards & Sliders

    WP Guidant makes the most prominent filter system using user-accessible cards and sliders. Visitors just need to choose their cards or scroll the slider to step forward into the guide system and end up with the product they wanted. Fast & Easy!

  5. Conversational Forms

    Create dynamic forms that collect and arrange user data for future purposes. Using our WP Guidant conversational forms, you can create lead databases according to the user’s interests and categories. The best option to build leads to gain more customers.

  6. Smart Conditional Logic

    Set conditional logic to your guided selling process and only show the results according to what the user chose. This function can control what a user can see in the next based on their behavior on the previous filter.

  7. WooCommerce Integrated

    WP Guidant integrates the whole database of WooCommerce and lets you control the various data of your shop. Make filters out of products, prices, categories, tags, and many more. It helps visitors experience a boosted product purchasing experience.

  8. Custom Result Attributes

    The output of the guided selling process can be customized to show the defined values set previously from the admin end. Result attributes can be added, changed, and rearranged by their placement order.

  9. MailChimp Integration

    Connect Mailchimp with created form to automatically save subscribers into Mailchimp Contacts. Manage and Map form fields with Mailchimp Custom Tags to build a powerful contact list for marketing purpose.

  10. Popup Builder

    Display the whole Guided Selling Process including multiple filters into a Popup. Easy to customize popup handlers and popup design. Popups can be displayed by shortcode, so no matter where it is needed, can be placed.

  11. Guide Import/Export

    Export guides with it’s filters, cards, sliders and form elements and their customization. Powerful guide importing functionality to make a proper duplicate of the exported guide for faster ready-to-go option.

  12. Ready-made Templates

    10+ ready-made templates you can choose from and create a proper guide with pre-built filters, cards, sliders and form elements and their complete customization with just a click.

  13. Webhook

    Do real-time data communication with popular web apps or services with the webhook feature. You can send and store user inputs to MailChimp, Mailjet, Google Sheets and many more through popular services such as Pabbly, Zapier etc. Take advantage of web automation to power your business.


  1. Full Customization: Customize the whole guide, paint it with any color you want, and increase the dimensions.
  2. Filter Selection: Use cards, sliders, or forms as filters to build the guided selling process.
  3. Guide Design: Change the Guide background into plain colors, gradients, or put a fine picture as the background.
  4. Filter Design: While the filter interface contains buttons, texts, borders, & backgrounds; you can change their colors individually.
  5. Card Design: Each card in WP Guidant can be customized through color, border, and background design. Also includes the font size and image height.
  6. Slider Design: The sliders are easy to access with their colorful appearance and beautiful background image.
  7. Custom Meta Filtering: Create compatible guides for any website by filtering target meta values presented by other plugins.
  8. Conditional Logic: Display the next filter based on the user choice in the previous filter, that’s the conditional logic of WP Guidant.
  9. Submission Tracking: Track user behavior through each guide, keep data logs, and build a sales funnel by analyzing the guide data.
  10. Email Notification: Send customized automated email to users on guide completion. Notification via email to admin can also be set.
  11. Custom CSS: Feature to add custom CSS to change the default design of guide, filters, cards, sliders and forms.
  12. Auto Redirect on Submission: Set custom URL to redirect page automatically on guide submission to manage proper flow in necessary.
  13. Result: Results can be displayed/removed at the end of the process including the maximum number of outputs, headline, & completion texts.
  14. Result Attributes: Choose what to display on the result page, including thumbnail, price, category, title, excerpt, etc.
  15. WPML: The plugin supports multilingual websites. Everything on it can be easily converted to the language you speak.
  16. LMS: WP Guidant can be your most treasured LMS course selling guide for initiating a more precision selling system.
  17. ACF Support: The guided selling process supports Advanced Custom Fields by WordPress and makes them into guides.
  18. Post Data: WP Guidant reads and integrates all post data including titles, categories, tags, and can use them inside the guides.
  19. Well Documented: We have the necessary documents to show our users how easy it is to operate the WP Guidant plugin.


As a versatile plugin for WordPress, anybody can use WP Guidant on their websites, especially online marketers, entrepreneurs, shop sellers, etc. The plugin can read data directly from WordPress without any separation. That means the plugin will automatically sort out the data it can filter right at the moment of installation.

No need to import anything. WP Guidant integrates with the existing database to build the guide system.

WP Guidant can filter –

  1. Post Data: Post Title, Post Type, Publishing Date, Post Category, Author, Thumbnail, Excerpt, Modified Date, Permalink, etc.
  2. WooCommerce: Product Name, Product Price, Sale Price, Available Stock, Product Category, Release Date, Permalink, Product Excerpt, Product Rating, etc.
  3. ACF – Advanced Custom Fields
  4. WP Guidant Custom Fields
  5. Custom Meta Fields
  6. More….


  1. Smart User Interaction

    WP Guidant lets your users interact with your website. With a series of quick question/answer guides, your visitors can find what they are seeking themselves. It cheers up the visitors to play with your guide.

  2. Saves Time On The User-end

    Nobody wants to spend hours looking for a single product out of a thousand available. WP Guidant cuts the required time to search the mountain of goods and guides the visitors to their desired products with user interaction.

  3. Influence Mutual Exchange

    WP Guidant makes a unique interface that nurtures a mutual feeling inside the users and makes them think to give something in return for their interaction. It’s a positive sentiment that leads to a higher conversion rate.

  4. Search Engine Friendly

    The Guided Selling Process directly influences people to act on your website. Pulling more people to act upon their arrival on the site, you will stay on the positive side of the search engine crawlers.

  5. Virtual Sales Advisor

    “A picture worths a thousand words” – Like the phrase, WP Guidant grabs the visitors by the hand and guides them through the whole process, explaining bits by bits, creating a natural user interaction environment. AKA, your virtual salesman!


Lot of love by WPLearningLab and DecisiveMarketer.


The plugin is very easy to use in WordPress. Just follow these quick steps-

  1. Install WP GUIDANT and activate it
  2. Click on the WP Guidant on your WordPress dashboard
  3. You will see a blank page with a button named “Create New Guide”
  4. Click on it and provide name, title, and description for the guide
  5. Then click on the Create button
  6. Then click on the “Create New Filter” button
  7. Provide name, title, description, and type of the filter
  8. You can go with Slider, Card, or Form
  9. If select Card, then set the card type between radio and checkbox
  10. Then click the Create button
  11. Then click the “Create New Card” button
  12. Add a label, image, and condition logic for the card filter from Card Settings
  13. Then set conditions from the Card Condition tab
  14. Provide condition attribute, matching, value selection, and value
  15. Hit the Save Changes button

And you took just 30 seconds to create your first guide with a card-type filter. Easy, isn’t it?

With WP Guidant, you can actually design the whole process within 5 minutes. Super fast and super cool for a plugin that will blow your mind!


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The easy way.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “WP Guidant”. Click on Install and then Activate the Plugin.

That’s it, WP Guidant Plugin is now activated on your site!

The hard way..

Download “WP Guidant WordPress Plugin” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


1. Who Can Use Guidant?

Guidant is made to serve all kinds of websites having a good selection of products to offer to their customers. The guided selling process is suitable to set up Real estate sales, SEO services, Customer feedbacks, Webinar programs, Renting cars, web agencies, e-commerce web stores, and many more awesome things.

2. What themes does it support?

The Guidant plugin is compatible with all themes within the WordPress repository including the most popular themes like Astra, GeneratePress, Divi, Neve, etc.

3. What kind of data can I filter?

Guidant plugin is capable of producing filters over a wide range of data. Simply, it can use almost everything you have on your site

4. Do I need coding to use Guidant?

Absolutely not necessary. We did all the messy work so that you could enjoy a code-free environment to develop your guided selling process. Just drag and drop things here and there, simple!

5. Does this plugin GDPR compliant?

Yes. We trade with trust and strictly maintain our Privacy policy about handling customer data according to international law. Trust us, we got your back!


सेप्टेम्बर 17, 2023
WP Guidant works really well and allowed me to make a quiz that seems to improve customer engagement significantly. However, if you look at the product listing it clearly says supports WPML. When I contacted support, they replied that they are working on adding WPML support. I deducted one star for misleading listing. Otherwise, this plug-in is great.
फ्रेवुअरी 14, 2023
As this plugin has this questionnaire steps, I am collecting users information with their permission with lot of funs. Best plugin.
फ्रेवुअरी 14, 2023
Trying to integrate WP Guidant with mailchimp and failed several times. asked to their support and someone fixed the issue fast. great team
अक्टोबर 14, 2022 1 reply
It was a good plugin and needed a lot more functions. Last few update is useless and no specific feature is added. Please don't sleep just by publishing a good work.
सेप्टेम्बर 17, 2022 3 replies
It looks like this plugin is no longer maintained. Some - important - things are not working. E.g. having a conditional logic which disables the last filter in some cases will break the guide and customers will not see any results. Furthermore the Guide always shows only ONE result as the recommendation and any other matches far below under a new header. You have no influence what product shows up first.
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  1. Improved: Performance Improved.
  2. Fixed minor bugs.


  1. Added: Card Description feature.
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  3. Improved: Performance Improved.
  4. Fixed minor bugs.


  1. Improved: Optimize database query to perform better.
  2. Fixed minor bugs


  1. Fixed: Issues with filtering WooCommerce Categories having unicode text as Category Title.


  1. Improved: Improves PHP 8 compatibility.
  2. Improved: Performance Improved.


  1. Updated: Targeting using Post Tags are fixed.


  1. Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0
  2. Improved: Performance of the plugin has been improved


  1. Step back option from result page
  2. Performance Improved
  3. UX Improvements
  4. Fixed minor bugs


  1. Compatibility with WP Guidant Pro
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Fixed minor code warning


Improved Conditional Logic Targeting


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