This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Import Tweets as Posts


“Import Tweets as Posts” plugin allows to easily import tweets from user’s timeline or search query. It has also flexibility to import tweets as custom post type “tweet”. Other settings that user can specify are tweet import interval time, number of tweets to import, Category, Text before tweet post title. There is also options to exclude retweets and replies from user’s twitter timeline.

Released under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.

Copyright (c) 2015 Chandan Kumar


  1. Extract the import-tweets-as-posts/ folder file to /wp-content/plugins/

  2. Activate the plugin at your blog’s Admin -> Plugins screen

  3. Go to Plugin Settings from “settings -> Import Tweets as Posts”

  4. Enter Twitter OAuth Keys (consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access token secret) in plugin settings fields (See FAQs or Post How to Create Twitter Application and Generate OAuth Authentication Keys)

  5. Also make the following fields settings as per your requirements:

  • Import Tweets From: ‘User Timeline’ or ‘Search Query’.
  • Enter ‘Twitter Id’ or ‘Search String’ as per above selection.
  • if importing tweets from search query, Set ‘Twitter Search Result Type’.
  • No. of Tweets to Import
  • Tweets Imports Time Interval (e.g. Enter “1” for 1 minute interval)
  • Tweets Post Title Prefix:
    1. Add custom text before tweet post title e.g. “Tweet: “
  • Set Tweets Post Title Characters Limit (e.g. 40).
  • Set Tweet Post type as “post” or “tweet”.
  • Set Post Category, if post type is “post”.
  • Set Twitter Posts Default Status
  • Import Retweets
  • Exclude Replies
  • Set Twitter posts publish date as per WordPress timezone

Note: All fields are required to work this plugin more efficiently.


How do I get Twitter OAuth keys?

To create your Twitter OAuth API Keys for the first time, just go through the steps:

  1. Go to and log in, if necessary
  2. Supply the necessary required fields, accept the TOS, and solve the CAPTCHA.
  3. Submit the form
  4. Copy the consumer key and consumer secret from the screen into your application
  5. Ensure that your application is configured correctly with the permission level you need (read-only, read-write, read-write-with-direct messages).
  6. On the application’s detail page, invoke the “Your access token” feature to automatically negotiate the access token at the permission level you need.
  7. Copy the indicated access token and access token secret from the screen into your application. Be sure and configure your application as needed before attempting the “your access token” step.
Can I schedule twitter feed check/import interval time?

Yes, you can specify the schedule time in field called “Tweets Imports Time Interval” under plugin’s settings.

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अप्रिल 20, 2018
Like ArKid said, this is the best tweet importer! But, it would be nice if it was maintained as there are a couple of community bug fixes. Cheers for an awesome plugin, Davey
मार्च 9, 2018 2 जवाफहरू
For a year and a half or so images have failed to import with the plugin due to changes in the twitter api. See a thread in the support forum by myself if you want to see how to fix this. With or without the image bug, after reviewing pretty much all the other options out there I still find this plugin the simplest, most light weight and best way to import tweets. It gives you a lot of options in its settings page. It also saves the tweets to the posts table in a standard way that makes it very easy to retrieve them and present as you need within your own templates.
सबै 8 समीक्षाहरू पढ्नुहोस्

योगदानकर्ता र डेभलपरहरू

“Import Tweets as Posts” खुला स्रोत सफ्टवेयर हो। निम्न व्यक्तिहरूले यो प्लगिनमा योगदान गरेका छन्।




  • Added option to exclude retweets from search query.
  • Fixed the wrong tweet id issue.


  • Added a meta key ‘_tweet_url’ to save tweet’s original url.
  • Added a option in settings to set tweet post comment status.


  • Fixed RT user incorrect hyperlink.
  • Added a option in settings to display RT user name just before @screen_name.


  • Added option of characters limit in tweet post title.


  • Fixes the long retweets which get truncated.


  • Fixes the tweets importing issue.


  • Added option to import tweets as custom post type “tweet”.
  • Set custom text before Tweets Post Title.


  • Added option to set tweet publish date as per WordPress timezone.
  • Hyperlinked the mentioned user under Tweets.
  • Fixed Issue: Each tweet was creating an empty WordPress media object in the media library.
  • Fixed Issue: Twitter’s links were not being converted to hyperlinks just because of https.


  • Now user can exclude replies from tweets.
  • Added search query option to import tweets. Now user have two options to import tweets either through search query or user timeline.


  • Hyperlinked the hash tags.
  • Additional Fix: Tweet will not be imported again, if it is there in posts with any of these post status:
    ‘publish’, ‘pending’, ‘draft’, ‘auto-draft’, ‘future’, ‘private’, ‘inherit’


  • New version will set imported tweet’s image as featured image in post.
  • It also allows you to set tweet text as post title.


  • Bug has been fixed for re-tweets import option