Mailster Block Forms


Create newsletter signup forms for Mailster with the block editor.

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This is a BETA feature and requires a dedicate plugin. Some features are subject to change before the stable release. Please submit your feedback on Github


  • updated blocks to API version 3
  • better caching for frontend queries
  • added new form pattern


  • RC 2!
  • fixed: editor problems on WordPress 6.3 with iframed editor
  • improved: inline style mechanism
  • improved: honey pot mechanism


  • fixed: form submission works again by using return key
  • fixed: error when localStorage is not avialable
  • improved: inline style mechanism


  • RC 1: We’ll soon merge this into the core plugin!
  • change: changed the post type from newsletter_form to mailster-form
  • improved: performance in the editor by preventing unnecessary re-renders
  • new: 2 patterns added
  • improved: updated existing patterns
  • added: support for textareas from custom fields
  • change: move styling options to styling section in the inspector if feasible
  • improved: inline styles are now also updated if form is used on other pages
  • improved: forms can now get submitted if no submit button is present
  • improved: removed some CSS effects for accessibility


  • fixed: invalid method in shortcode callback


  • new: 6 new form patterns
  • new: option for fullscreen background image
  • new: support for Elementor with a dedicate widget
  • fixed: user choice of lists were disabled if switching from code view back to editor view
  • improved storing of block attributes


  • new: newsletter homepage block (
  • fixed: proper removing of GDPR block
  • change: endpoint for form submission
  • improved: renamed internal methods
  • reverted: form name is now back in the options panel
  • preparations for Mailster 4.0


  • improved: rendering of compontents
  • improved: css for latest WordPress version
  • improved: frontend script to make it more relyable
  • improved: frontend storage selector now working if localStorage is not available
  • improved: Form and Input styles panel is now collapsable again
  • improved: auto block recovery now works with nested blocks
  • fixed: CSS and Events code editor now working correctly
  • change: Form name is now a dedicate section and not collapsable
  • update: display Mailster admin header with Mailster 3.3.3


  • new filter mailster_block_form_field_errors for third parties
  • new mailster_block_form filter containing form html
  • new ‘load’ trigger on forms
  • fixed: check referrer to prevent errors if it’s not defined


  • fixed: display issue of cover block in forms with WP 6.1 and Gutenberg 14.2+
  • fixed: message block are not added correctly with WP 6.1 and Gutenberg 14.2+


  • new: define custom JavaScript code to get triggered on certain form events.
  • fixed: unable to change the value of the scroll trigger threshold.
  • fixed: don’t scroll to bottom of page in preview pane if form has not been saved for the first time.
  • fixed: excerpt was empty on archive page if form was used in content.
  • improved: accessibility on form submission messages (may require form updates).
  • improved: close button accessibility.
  • redirection after form submission now delayed for 150ms to complete all remote events.
  • updated: referrer is now the current page if no the referrer is from the same origin.
  • padding for popups in preview panel is not unset by default.


  • updated cool down method (Please update this settings in the Appearance menu)
  • using fieldsets for accessibility
  • use preventDefault on button click to prevent default behavior
  • preview improvements


  • tab now iterates through elements for accessibility.
  • fixed: close button wasn’t visible on some mobile devices


  • new block with a close link to close the popup
  • improved accessibility on close buttons
  • re-enabled kses filter on HTML output


  • fixed: classic editor is shown if classic editor plugin is enabled
  • improved: validation of post message in preview modal
  • fixed: always load form data even on preview screen


  • added option to change to alignment of form fields


  • initial release

Additional Info

This Plugin requires Mailster Newsletter Plugin for WordPress



यो प्लगिनले 8 ब्लकहरू उपलब्ध गराउँछ।

  • Mailster Form Use a Mailster Block Form on your page
  • Mailster Homepage
  • Mailster Homepage Section Use this block to add content to certain sections only.
  • Mailster Form Define the look of your form here.
  • Lists Field Adds a List block to your Mailster Block Form
  • Message Field Adds a Message field to your Mailster Block Form
  • Close Link A simple link to close the popup
  • GDPR Field Adds a Checkbox to your Mailster Block form for GDPR compliance


  1. Upload the entire mailster-block-forms folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Newsletter => Block Forms
  4. Click on “add New” to create a new form.


Can I use this as a stand alone plugin?

No, Mailster 3.2.0 or above is required to use this plugin. Get it here.


नोभेम्बर 10, 2023
I’ve installed this on two sites so far, combined with Mailster, and it is working well. They do explain its a Beta, and free. I have only seen one backend display bug when it first loaded, but never saw it again. I’ve made mainly inline content forms. The design options are block based and more than enough for basic forms, but nothing like two stage forms, etc you might get with a paid option. I own ConvertBox, but found this plugin a much easier solution for getting basic forms up fast for Mailster. I made a site wide bottom of post content form in like 5 minutes and had it done and published. For that kind of use case its awesome. As of this review, there is only one other, from 10 months ago saying its broken. but it’s not now. So I thought I would chime in to help support this free development effort. Some key things are a bit hard to find, like display preferences (inline, popup, all posts, select pages, etc) they are just at the bottom of the block editor column. I’ve had Mailster license for a long time, and its nice they have finally started building a block based form builder.
फेब्रुअरी 24, 2023
The plug-in add-on is not working properly. Support has been looking for solutions around for a week, instead of fixing the problem on plugin. I can’t add a fev products. Styled forms not working, you must add css code on template. This is joke, not stabily plugin.
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