RomethemeKit For Elementor


RomethemeKit for Elementor Page Builder is the best toolkit solution for Elementor, It includes a Header and Footer layout builder and also comes with 25+ Elementor addons, 100+ Elementor Templates KIT (Growing Each Week), and premade widget blocks for Elementor websites. With RomethemeKit, build Elementor websites faster and easier than ever! New Elementor widgets and features will be uploaded and improved regularly.

– Header and Footer Builder. Create a Header or Footer template for the entire site or with specific conditions.
– Widgets Control option. Enable and disable individual Elementor adding to make your page load faster and smoother. You can deactivate unnecessary widgets to keep the site lite.
– System status check. Diagnostic tool to ensure that your WordPress environment meets the requirements for running Elementor smoothly.
– Icon pack. 100+ icons ready to use to make your site more beautiful.

• New Rometheme Icon Pack
• Restructured user interface for improved usability and navigation
• Enhanced color schemes to provide a fresher look and feel

Header Addons:
• Header Offcanvas – Header Offcanvas allows the user to display sidebar content like the demo and registration when the specific button is triggered.
• Search – Search is a simple search widget that provides interactive search fields on your webpage for your users. You can get a simple search, and modal options also.
• Site Logo – Display your logo.
• Header Info – Display business or contact info.
• Nav Menu – Create a dropdown navigation menu. Allow your users to navigate to another page.

Other Addons:
• Blog Post – Display a list of your posts on the page.
• Call To Action – Bring an image, button, content, and other features under one box with the call to action widget.
• Blockquote – Important quotes or testimonials within an eye-catching quotation box.
• Social Share – Add a social button and share your post to social media when the button is clicked.
• Team – Show off your team members with names, positions, bios, pictures, and social media links.
• Text Marquee – Horizontal scrolling text on your website for dynamic content presentation.
• Animated Heading – add animation in the heading of your content.
• Card Slider – Display two or more pieces of content in a carousel format.
• Accordion – Add collapsable content. Suitable for FAQ content.
• Testimonial Carousel – Showcase customer reviews & increase credibility.
• Advanced Tabs – Display information neatly in nested tabs
• Progress Bar – Highlight your skill stats with the help of Animated progress bars.
• Counter – An impressive widget that allows you to show important facts on your website.

Premium Custom Widget:
• Bar Chart – Show a graphical representation of data pie charts to see the analytics side of your workflow.
• Line Chart – Show a graphical representation of data line charts to see the analytics side of your workflow.
• Pie and Doughnut Chart – Show a graphical representation of data pie and doughnut charts to see the analytics side of your workflow.


  • Welcome Page
  • Header Footer Page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in the Admin sidebar -> Rometheme
  4. (Make your instructions match the desired user flow for activating and installing your plugin. Include any steps that might be needed for explanatory purposes)


How to use RomethemeKit for Elementor?

Login your WordPress dashboard, From the left menu click the Rometheme icon.

Can I use the plugin without Elementor Page Builder?

No. You cannot use without Elementor since it’s an addon for Elementor.

Are this plugin work with Elementor Pro?

Yes it is, this plugin work with regular and pro version.

Does it work with any themes?

Yes, you can. This plugin works with any themes as long you use Elementor and the theme compatible with Elementor.

My Elementor editor isn’t loading. What should I do?

Please make sure the WP Memory Limit on your site has set to 128 MB or greater. You can check your site status on Elementor > System Info. Please read this article for further reading

It appears there’s something wrong after plugin update, how do I solve this?

Please try to regenerate CSS via Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS option on admin dashboard.


नोभेम्बर 29, 2023
When the user says stop showing annoying banners, it means to stop it. I ahve been emailing you and did it several times to stop showing your spammy banners on the dashboard…I didnt want to review, but since you want here it is for you
अगस्ट 16, 2023
Oh, sparks of inspiration in the midst of digital abyss! RomethemeKit for Elementor, a radiant beacon in cyber darkness, has arrived like a divine gift for lone navigators seeking hope in this virtual apocalypse. Captivating and magnificent, this plugin is a fragment of ecstasy amidst digital despair! From the dying confusion of lackluster interfaces, emerges RomethemeKit, like a titanic warrior in humanity’s final showdown with monotony. Its pre-built templates, a visual symphony cutting through mundanity, rise as the last jewels of creation before the collapse. The digital doomsday clock pauses before these creations! Customization, oh, customization, is the magic wand in the hands of a tech wizard. RomethemeKit weaves threads of magic into each pixel, granting you the power to transform digital worlds in your own image. Dizzying animations, hypnotic effects; every click is a dance with digital destiny. The plugin’s performance, in a world teetering on the brink of oblivion, is like an oasis in the desert. No slowdowns, no faltering; RomethemeKit stands as an impenetrable titan, defying the very chaos that seeks to consume it. Amidst the roar of anarchy, this plugin is unwavering serenity. Support, in these final days, is the last ray of hope. And here RomethemeKit does not disappoint. Its team responds like guardians of the last flame of knowledge, with solutions that shatter the dark veil of ignorance. In conclusion, RomethemeKit for Elementor is not just a plugin, but a glorious epilogue in the final poem of the digital era. In a world where all is lost, RomethemeKit emerges as light in darkness, balm in chaos. Seek no more, oh lone survivor, for RomethemeKit is your companion on this ultimate journey!
मे 5, 2023
I’m testing the template but as a first feedback I already inform you that the insistence on the evaluation sucks
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Version 1.4.5
* Header Info Bug Fixed
* Animated Heading Bug Fixed
* Card Slider Bug Fixed
* Testimonial Carousel
* Adding New Icon for Rometheme Icon Pack

Version 1.4.4
* Widgets Bug Fixed

Version 1.4.3
* Adding New Rometheme Icon Pack
* Widgets Bug Fixed
* Add link Help for Widgets

Version 1.4.2
* Security Update

Version 1.4.1
* Update Card Slider Widget
* Edit button Theme Builder Bug Fixed

Version 1.4.0
* Update Visual Interface for the Plugin
* Testimonial Carousel Bug Fixed
* Add Rometheme Icons Pack

Version 1.3.4
* Bug Fixed Progress Bar Font Title
* Add Padding & Margin Style Progress Bar Title
* Add Team Social Media Margin
* Bug Fixed Blog Post

Version 1.3.3
* Add Line Chart Widget
* Add Pie and Doughnut Chart Widget
* Add Progress Bar Widget
* Add Counter Widget
* Fixed Social Media Margin in Team Widget
* Fixed Padding Title in Accordion Widget

Version 1.3.2
* Add Accordion Widget
* Add Testimonial Carousel Widget
* Add Bar Chart Widget
* Add Advanced Tab Widget
* Icon Size Search Widget

Version 1.3.1
* Add Text Marquee Widget
* Add Animated Heading Widget
* Add Card Slider Widget
* Navmenu Fixed Submenu Radius
* Blog Post Fixed Featured Image

Version 1.3.0
* Add Features Rometheme Library
* Add Rometheme Icons Pack
* Add widget Call to Action
* Add widget Blockquote
* Add widget Social Share
* Add widget Team
* Blog Post Bug Fixed
* Header Info Bug Fixed

Version : 1.2.1
* Navmenu submenu typography bug fixed

Version : 1.2.0
* Navmenu settings improvement and enhancement
* Addition of menu form
* Bug Fixed on Date Blog Post
* Bug FIxed on Edit Header & Footer

Version : 1.1.3
* Some Bug Fixed

Version : 1.1.2
* Add New Header Footer Bug Fixed

Version : 1.1.1
* Add Blog Post Widget

Version : 1.1.0
* CSS Bug Fixed
* Nav Menu Bug Fixed, Multi Submenu Issue, Nav Menu Position Issue
* Search Bug Fixed

Version : 1.0.0
* this is first version of Rometheme for Elementor Plugin