Search & Replace for Elementor


One of the most popular visual editors, Elementor, lacks a search and replace feature.

With our plugin, you can now easily replace any text without the need to install any additional software to your computer.


Once you upload and activate the plugin.

Go to any Elementor created page and navigate to Menu > Search & Replace to open the plugin modal window.

From the options you can choose to highlight or do a case-sensitive search and replace.

We add special tags to highlight the text, and you can always click on the Clear button if you want to clean your code.

Here are the general steps you need to follow to use the plugin:

  1. Open the plugin modal window.
  2. Choose if you want to highlight terms or do a case-sensitive search and replace.
  3. Enter you search phrase and click on the Search button.
  4. Enter your replace with phrase.
  5. Click on the Replace button.
  6. Use the Undo link to revert back to the original text.
  7. Click on the Clear button to if you want to clean your code from the special highlight tags at any give time.

NOTE: To assure and not compromise the performance of the plugin we have set a data limit at 50kb for the Free and 300kb for the Pro versions.


Search & replace for Elementor is/does:

  • a plugin to the popular Elementor visual editor that enables you to search and replace any text/link in your posts and pages quickly and easily.
  • enhances your efficiency in Elementor, allowing you to edit your posts and pages with much faster pace than usual, on page-by-page basis or globally.
  • a plugin designed to look native and works seamlessly with both Elementor Free and Pro versions.
  • a WordPress plugin for Elementor that enables you to update multiple text terms, phrases, images, or links with highlighting and case-sensitivity inside the visual editor.
  • perfect for heavy Elementor users that want to speed up their editing process.

NOTE: Global search and replace, links, images, case-sensitivity backups and custom options are available only in the Pro version!


The step-by-step setup, usage, demos, video, and insights can be found on the Search & Replace for Elementor website.


If you are using the Free version of the plugin from the repository and would like to have the Pro features you can purchase the premium version from the Search & Replace for Elementor website.

Some of the features included in the Pro version of the plugin are:

  • Global search & Rreplace with dry-run option.
  • Global and inidividual page search and replace with regular expressions.
  • Built-in backup and database import feature.
  • Additional options that can help you to customize you search and replace data fields.
  • Unlimited raw page data.
  • Priority support and regular updates for 1 full year.


  • screenshot-1.(png)
  • screenshot-2.(png)
  • screenshot-3.(png)
  • screenshot-4.(png)


The plugin installation process is standard and easy to follow. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with the installation.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload and unzip the to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Visit Plugins in WP Admin.
  3. Activate the Search and Replace for Elementor plugin. Make sure to have the Elementor Pro or Free is activated before that.

After Activation

  1. Now you can go to any page/post that uses Elementor and use the plugin as described in the documentation.


Use the Support tab on this page to post your additional requests and questions.

All tickets are usually addressed within a couple of days.

If your request is an add-on feature, we will add it to the plugin wish list and consider implementing it in the next major version.

Will this plugin work with the free Elementor version?

Yes, the plugin works with both Elementor Free and Pro versions.

Do you offer additional support/customization?

Yes, you can get in touch with us by sending us your request on the Search & Replace for Elementor website.

Does it work with the Classic/Gutenberg editors?

No. The plugin is specifically created to work with the Elementor plugin and its custom way of data storage.

However, if you are interested you can try out our open source Block Editor Search & Replace plugin which works with both the Classic and Gutenberg editors.


अगस्ट 24, 2023
The plugin has its limitations, and the design is a bit poor in places (dark grey text on black background). But it actually helped me change out some text pretty quickly. Probably halved the time it would have taken to do it manually.
मे 18, 2023
Can't even search and replace on my one page without being blocked by a size limit and having to purchase the pro version at an indecent price tag too for a one feature plugin! Highly frustrating. Deleting and looking for an alternative.
मे 1, 2023
What frustrated me the most was the plugin author's attempt to sell the PRO version despite the numerous issues with the free version. It felt like a ploy to extract money from users without delivering on the promised functionality. I believe that if the free version of a plugin fails to impress, convincing users to invest in the premium version becomes a questionable tactic. The user interface of the plugin was equally disappointing. It was cluttered and poorly designed, making it difficult to navigate and understand its functionalities. The lack of intuitive controls and poorly labeled options only added to the confusion. In conclusion, my experience with the Search & Replace for Elementor  was extremely disappointing. The free version's lackluster performance, combined with its unintuitive user interface, made it a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor. The fact that the plugin author prioritized selling the PRO version over addressing the issues with the free version was the final blow. I cannot recommend this plugin to others, as it fell short of expectations and wasted my time.
अप्रील 8, 2023 1 reply
Not ready for primetime. Many glitches. Can't edit a part of page with html widget; search/replace boxes has dark font in dark box (unreadable) least in current theme setup, After clicking search/replace button, the box annoyingly stays on screen. It's a great idea and does accomplish a replace of keyword in other non-html widgets. Could be a great time saver. By the time you read this, it could be vastly improved?
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Contributors & Developers

“Search & Replace for Elementor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Update – remove rating notice from the free plugin


  • New – Add array_keys_exist to check multiple array keys against an array
  • Update – Language strings
  • Fix – Revisit the update original elementor data with the iterator process



  • Update – add nonce and user capability security checks for all ajax methods
  • Update – revise UI help notes, error and success messages
  • Fix – search and replace for fields in the same widget e.g. text & description in Icon widget
  • Fix – remove some existing console.log() dev lines


  • New – add HTML with regular expressions for Text Editor widget (modal-only)
  • New – add preg_last_error_msg to work same way as PHP8
  • Update – match the Elementor updated UI in 3.12 for modal window
  • Fix – remove dev/prod loading assets; not needed anymore
  • Fix – auto deactivate Pro if already active


  • Update – adding translator messages
  • Update – trnslation and lang file
  • Fix – run code with WPCS and WordPress-Core


  • Update – global search & replace demo page


  • Update – WordPress 6.2 compatibility and testing


  • Fix – no matches found when have punctuations in the search or replace input
  • Update – add text to let user that no HTML is allowed in the inputs
  • Update – add text to let use know the need to backup DB when do global search & replace


  • Fix – glupfile.js script building procedure
  • Fix – handle null or string elementor data passed to the iterrator


  • Fix – replace strip_tags() with strip_tags_with_whitespace()


  • New – add rating admin notice
  • New – add plugin Get Pro link under plugins
  • Update – lang file with the latest strings
  • Fix – update some translation string


  • Fix – be able to search and replace I’m, you’re “quote text”, etc


  • Fix – Elementor JSON data breaks with update_postmeta(), fix with wp_slash()


  • Initial release and first commit into the SVN