This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



Wishlist is one of the most wanted feature for all kind of eCommerce website, if you running WooCommerce store this Wishlist plugin might help you better way to display wishlist button and generate loyal customers on your site. it’s also help to increase sales and search engine ranking. we have added ready support for WooCommerce wishlist features so you can display wishlist button under product page and shop page under any elements. our wishlist plugin can be use as post favoirates, bookmark and similar way. user can create public or private wishlist.

Wishlist by

Any post type support
You can display wishlist button under any post types automatically under post content or post excerpt, also you can display anywhere under post loop via shortcodes.

Any category, tags & taxonomy terms support
You can add category, tags or custom terms to your wishlist.

Post author support
You can add post author page to wishlists.

Date, Month, Year page support
Our wishlist plugin can add date, month, year page to wishlist item or make as favorite.

Home, 404 page support
You can also add home page and 404 page on wishlist.

Search pages support
User can add different search pages to their wishlist or make as favorite item, so that they could find their search result page later easily.

Ready for WooCommerce
WooCommerce wishlist features also added and ready to use. you can display wishlist button automatically under single product page or shop page under any elements.

Unlimited wishlist
There is no limit for creating wishlist, any user can create unlimited wishlist.

Public or private wishlist
User can create public or private wishlist, public wishlist will have access to any user and private wishlist only accessed by its creator. we also plan to added shared wishlist so only shared user can access to wishlist.

Wishlist manage
User can edit or delete their wishlist from account. they can also update their wishlist info like descriptions, public or private status and etc.

wishlist archive
User can see all their wishlist via archive page, you can customize wishlist archive post loop layout as you want via action hook. there is pagination support for wishlist archive available.

Pro features

Wishlist search
User can search for public wishlist, so that your visitors will get quickly others wishlist.

Customizable single wishlist page
You can customize single wishlist page by action hook and filter hook available, there is already view count, vote, social share features available in single wishlist page.

Copy or duplicate wishlist
User can copy or duplicate other public wishlist. so useful or popular wishlist can copy any user to their account. its also great way to increase sale and product view.

Wishlist button

[wishlist_button id="123"]
  • Where id is post id or product id.

Wish list archive

  • Support pagination.

Wishlist page

[wishlist_single id="123"]
  • where id is list id.

Wishlisted count by post id

[wishlist_count_by_post id="1234"]
  • id is post id.

Search Wishlist



  • screenshot-1
  • screenshot-2
  • screenshot-3
  • screenshot-4


  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go your plugin setting via WordPress Dashboard and find “Wishlist” activate it.


सेप्टेम्बर 25, 2022
Plugin isn’t working correctly, forget to style it in your own way. Old HTML code, fixed width and floats in CSS. Try to override some hooks – that’s gonna be funny.
सेप्टेम्बर 10, 2022 1 जवाफ
Wishlist plugins are mostly for WooCommerce users. There is not much exception. With this plugin, I can make a list with any custom post type. They have polite and quick support and works perfectly with latest update.
अगस्ट 25, 2022 12 जवाफहरू
Waste of time, when I click on a specific wishlist, its content is not displayed. The documentation didn’t help me.
सबै 12 समीक्षाहरू पढ्नुहोस्

योगदानकर्ता र डेभलपरहरू

“Wishlist” खुला स्रोत सफ्टवेयर हो। निम्न व्यक्तिहरूले यो प्लगिनमा योगदान गरेका छन्।




* 2023-07-23 fix - post per page item issue fixed.


* 2023-02-01 fix - new wishlist creating private issue fixed.
* 2023-02-01 fix - wishlist create form postion updated.


* 2022-12-15 fix - default wishlist showing on all pagination on wishlist archive page issue fixed.
* 2022-12-15 fix - Single wishlist pagination issue fixed.


* 2022-09-28 fix - Offline wishlist active button issue fixed.
* 2022-09-28 add - add support for export wishlist for pro users.


* 2022-09-28 add - Offline wishlist items displaying on default wishlist page


* 2022-09-26 add - Offline wishlist saving added.


* 2022-09-25 add - Close wishlist menu popup after click outside
* 2022-09-25 add - Default wishlist access to public or private


* 2022-09-12 add - Make private wishlist when creating.


* 2022-09-08 fix - Default wishlist id missing for non logged user removed.


* 2022-09-08 fix - Default wishlist count for logged-in user.


* 2022-08-29 fix - realtime wishlist counter issue fixed.
* 2022-08-29 add - remove wishlist items form single wishlist pages.
* 2022-08-29 add - parmalink fulsh on plugin activate.


* 2022-06-07 fix - WooCommerce shop page wishlist issue fixed.


* 2022-06-07 fix - Display wishlist count issue fixed.


* 2022-05-28 fix - js issue fixed.
* 2022-05-28 fix - Default option missing issue fixed.


* 2022-01-24 fix - hide private wishlist from archive.


* 2022-01-04 fix - translation issue fixed.


* 202112-15 fix - text domain issue fixed.


* 2021-08-07 add - dynamically convert custom URL to an id


* 2021-07-26 add - display wishlist automatically under category, tag, custom taxonomies & terms title and description.


* 2021-07-26 add - Add custom URL, like date, year, month, search query, 404, home page, preview page can be added to wishlist.


* 2021-07-26 fix - author wishlist item issue fixed.


* 2021-07-25 add - Wishlist for category, tags, custom taxonomies & terms, author pages


* 2021-07-25 add - close icon added for wishlist button menu bars


* 2021-05-18 fix - Icon not displaying issue fixed.


* 2021-04-15 remove - remove unnecessary files.
* 2021-04-15 fix - minor security issue updated


* 2021-04-13 fix - security issue updated


* 2021-01-23 add - custom slug for wishlist


* 2020-01-12 add - admin notice if default wishlist id missing


* 2020-08-19 add - add extra arguments for some action hooks


* 2020-07-20 fix - active icon update issue fixed.
* 2020-07-20 fix - creating multiple wishlist on same page issue fixed.
* 2020-07-21 add - added shortcode [my_wishlist]


* 2020-07-18 update - check user permission on delete wishlist
* 2020-07-18 add - default active icon for wishlist button
* 2020-07-18 add - default inactive icon for wishlist button
* 2020-07-18 add - default loading icon for wishlist button


* 2020-07-15 remove - remove wishlist tags
* 2020-07-17 add - Display automatically wishlist under following post types content and excerpt.
* 2020-07-17 fix - wishlist page pagination issue fixed.
* 2020-07-17 fix - help & support link issue fixed.
* 2020-07-17 fix - font-awesome version issue fixed.


* 2020-07-14 add - automatically created wishlist archive page on plugin activation.
* 2020-07-14 update - archive page redesigned.


* 2020-07-13 update - redesigned settings page.
* 2020-07-13 add - display wishlist button automatically under post, page content & excerpt
* 2020-07-14 update - optimize wishlist button menu load.


* 2020-04-22 add - added translation file


* 08/11/2017 add - loading icon added when click on love icon.
* 08/11/2017 add - loading icon added when click on menu icon.
* 08/11/2017 add - ajax load wishlist count.


* 08/11/2017 add - wishlist single page permalink changed.
* 08/11/2017 add - wishlist button style color, font size added.


* 14/10/2017 add - font awesome icons added.


* 12/10/2017 add - added breadcrumb.


* 03/10/2017 Initial release.