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Alt Text Magic – Generate descriptive alt text (alt attribute, alt tag) for accessibility and SEO optimization

Alt Text Magic – Generate descriptive alt text (alt attribute, alt tag) for accessibility and SEO optimization


Alt Text Magic is a lightweight WordPress plugin that generates unique and descriptive alternative text for your images.

Auto Generates – Every image uploaded will be quickly processed and alternative text will be added to the image details.

Always Editable – Add important context or delete details from the generated alt text. You’re always in control.

Fixes the Past – Missing alternative text on images already in your library? Run our Library Updater and right those wrongs.

Get started with a FREE personal plan – Generate up to 10 alternative texts for free each month.


  • Super fast setup.
  • Library Updater tool for images already in your media library.
  • Use on unlimited sites, just link your account with your API key.
  • Subscription plans that fit your needs.
  • Alt text available in 108 languages!


  • Alternative text suggestions automatically appear upon image upload.
  • Simply add your API key to the Alt Text Magic Plugin page to get started.
  • The dashboard page shows your current plan and monthly usage.
  • The library updater tool can be used to generate alternative text for images already in your media library.


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Alt Text Magic”
  3. Install and Activate Alt Text Magic from your Plugins page
  4. Visit https://user.alttextmagic.com/sign-up/ to create an account and select a subscription plan. The FREE personal plan is selected by default.
  5. Link your account by copy/pasting your API key onto the Alt Text Magic Plugins page.
  6. Upload an image and watch the alternative text appear!


How does Alt Text Magic work?

Alt Text Magic uses cutting edge machine learning models to “read” your images and suggest descriptive text.

What if I reach my monthly limit?

Alt Text Magic will alert you when you reach your monthly limit. You can continue to upload images as usual; however, alt text will not be automatically generated.

What if I need more alt text generations?

Alt Text Magic provides two solutions: 1) You can upgrade your plan to increase your monthly limit or 2) You can buy alt text credits a la carte in increments of 50 (these credits never expire).

Can I change my subscription?

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time by logging in to your account at https://user.alttextmagic.com/. Your API key will automatically accommodate the change.

How do API keys work?

After selecting your Alt Text Magic subscription license, you will receive a unique API key tied to your account. To activate, you will need to copy and paste the API key onto the plugin page via your WordPress dashboard. You can upgrade or downgrade your license at any time on our account page. This API key can be shared across all of your sites.


अप्रिल 4, 2023
I use Alt Text Magic on my e-commerce website. I’m uploading a mix of photos for product pages, blog posts, marketing content, etc. I appreciate that any image I upload is automatically given Alt text! Most of the time the generated text is pretty accurate, though I typically tweak it a little because I want to describe my products (framed artwork) in a specific way. Still, it’s much faster and easier to tweak existing content than it is to write the full description myself! I’ve upgraded to the professional plan at $5/mo so that when I have large batches of product photos to add I don’t run out of credits mid-stream, though there’s also a way to check your library and add alt text to any images that are missing it, as well as a log of recent alt text generated and which images it was added to. They’ve thought of everything! Leave no alt text blank!
मार्च 25, 2023 1 जवाफ
I really enjoy the plugin. It worked just as advertised. I do wish there was more functionality to add an SEO keyword in or give it a length guideline. For example it might say “laptop with blue text stating ‘X'” but it doesn’t have any context to it if it was a decorative piece or any connection to the SEO keyword of the article. Overall, still impressed
मार्च 5, 2023
The pricing model for this plugin is absurd. Perhaps makes sense for large agencies with money to burn but the credits for this simple task costs more than the credits for advanced cloud caching tools, image cdns, even many cloud based hosting companies. Perhaps worth it at bulk prices, but certainly not on the smaller end.
फेब्रुअरी 19, 2023
Works as advertised. This saves my agency a lot of time when uploading a lot of images.
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  • Tested on WordPress 6.5.3


  • Fixed an issue where left and right navigation on the media page would not show the update alt text button correctly.
  • Added a small version of the css file to avoid global conflicts on the media page.


  • Added a button to update alt text in the attachment details modal in the media library.
  • Added a button to update alt text on the edit media page.
  • Added a setting to enable/disable automatic addition of alt text on media image uploads.


  • Fixed a library updater bug that was caused by large updates timing out.


  • Added language support for 108 languages. Set the alt text language in the plugin account page.
  • Fixed a date display bug for the subscription period.


  • Disabled the library updater button on submit to avoid multiple submits.


  • JS and CSS libraries are only enqueued on Alt Text Magic pages instead of globally.
  • Added nonces to AJAX requests.


  • First version of Alt Text Magic.