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Custom HTML 5 video on your own site with Flash fallback for legacy browsers is here.

FV Player is a free, easy-to-use, and complete solution for embedding FLV or MP4 videos into your posts or pages. With MP4 videos, FV Player offers 98% coverage even on mobile devices.

  • Remembering video position both both guest users and members
  • Built in video plays stats
  • API for custom video fields
  • easy AB looped playback for your visitors (great for teaching sites)
  • improved and more powerful playlists (more playlist features coming soon).
  • Automated checking of video encoding for logged in admins
  • FV Player is a completely responsive WordPress video player.
  • Custom start and end screens are built right in. You can use your own custom design before and after the video.
  • Enjoy unlimited instances in a single page.
  • No expensive plugins: unlike other players who nickel and dime you for every feature, with FV Player all advanced features are available in the standard license (Google Analytics, Cuepoints, Native fullscreen, Keyboard shortcuts, Subtitles, Slow motion, Random seeking, Retina ready)
  • Single site pro license available (JW Player requires five pack for full features)
  • Ultra-efficient player: just 55.6kB of Javascript. Rest is loaded later when user is going to play the video. You can extend FV Player using just HTML and CSS, leaving the JavaScript heavy lifting up to us.
  • 98% Browser coverage. Built-in Flash fallback will get the job done on older browsers while HLS.js library gives you HLS playback on desktop browsers.
  • Full support for Amazon S3, Cloudfront and other CDN’s.
  • Totally Brandable (requires license, free version includes the Flowplayer library logo). Stop selling YouTube and start selling yourself. Even design your own player.
  • Supports video intelligence video ads
  • Integration with the Coconut.co video encoding service – using a free addon plugin: https://foliovision.com/downloads/fv-player-coconut

To remove our branding and add your own branding and get access to additional pro support, you can buy your own license here.

Back to school special 25% off pro licenses until end of September.

Additional Technical information

  • Core video engine: open source Flowplayer 7.
  • Supported video formats are MP4, WebM and OGV (read about HTML5 video formats).
  • Supported video streaming formats are HLS (Flash and JavaScript fallback available for incompatible devices), MPEG DASH and RTMP.
  • Default options for all the embedded videos can be set in comprehensive administration menu.
  • In comparison with WordPress Flowplayer plugin, there are several improvements:

    1. Allows user to display clickable splash screen at the beginning of video (which not only looks good, but improves the performance significantly).
    2. Allows user to display popup box after the video ends, with any HTML content (clickable links, images, styling, etc.)
    3. Does not use configuration file, but WordPress Options
    4. Does not drive you to use an in-house proprietary CDN but supports all CDN.
    5. Includes advanced built-in social sharing.
    6. Inexpensive pro support available.
    7. Includes an advanced built-in video encoding and theme checker to make sure your videos are encoded properly and your site is set up for video playback.

Additional Documentation at Foliovision.com

Support |
Change Log |
User Guide |
Detailed FAQ

This new version uses Flowplayer 5 running on HTML5, so we recommend you read first two questions of FAQ first.

Once the plugin is uploaded and activated, there will be a submenu of settings menu called FV Player. In that submenu, you can modify following settings:

  • AutoPlay – decides whether the video starts playing automatically, when the page/post is displayed.
  • AutoBuffering – decides whether the video starts buffering automatically, when the page/post is displayed. If AutoPlay is set to true, you can ignore this setting.
  • Popup Box – decides whether a popup box with “replay” and “share” buttons will be displayed when video ends.
  • Enable Full-screen Mode – select false if you do not wish the fullscreen option to be displayed.
  • Allow User Uploads – select true if you like to upload new videos via Media Library.
  • Enable Post Thumbnail – select true if you wish the screen shot appear as post thumbnail. Works only when uploading new splash image via Media Library.
  • Convert old shortcodes with commas – older versions of this plugin used commas to separate shortcode parameters. This option will make sure it works with current version.
  • Commercial Licence Key – enter your licence key here to get the completely unbranded version of the player
  • Colors of all the parts of flowplayer instances on page/post (controlbar, canvas, sliders, buttons, mouseover buttons, time and total time, progress and buffer sliders).

On the right side of this screen, you can see the current visual configuration of flowplayer. If you click Apply Changes button, this player’s looks refreshes.


  • FV Player different skin options
  • FV Player shortcode in post content
  • It's easy to use our shortcode editor to add videos
  • Plugin settings screen
  • Video checker helps you find issues with your video encoding


यो प्लगिनले 1 ब्लक उपलब्ध गराउँछ।

  • FV Player


There aren’t any special requirements for FV Player to work, and you don’t need to install any additional plugins.

  1. Download and unpack zip archive containing the plugin.
  2. Upload the fv-wordpress-flowplayer directory into wp-content/plugins/ directory of your wordpress installation.
  3. Go into WordPress plugins setup in WordPress administration interface and activate FV Player plugin.
  4. If you want to embed videos denoted just by their filename, you can create the /videos/ directory located directly in the root of your domain and place your videos there(you use complete URL of video files).
  5. Go to plugin Settings screen and click both “Check template” and “Check videos” buttons to check your template and videos mime type.

Visit our site for a fully featured guide with screenshots and more!


1. My video doesn’t play in some browsers.

This should be related to your video format or mime type issues.

Each browser supports different video format, MP4 is the recommended format. In general, it’s recommended to use constant frame rate. Detailed instructions about video encoding for HTML 5.

HTML5 is pickier about what video it can play than Flash.

Please note that MP4 is just a container, it might contain various streams for audio and video. You should check what audio and video stream are you using. Read next question to find out how.

2. Player buttons are gone – there are only square symbols.

1) This can happen if your site is at www.domain.com, but the CSS is loaded from your CDN at cdn.domain.com. Based on CSS3 and HTML5 specs not all the resources can be shared between domains.

So you need to set the following on your CDN for web fonts (woff, eot, ttf, svg):

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

Or you can allow your domain only (but in that case it might be good to also allow it with https):

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://www.domain.com

Or you can exclude wp-content/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer/css/flowplayer.css from CDN.

2) Second cause might be that your webfonts are served with bad mimetype

AddType application/x-font-woff woff
AddType application/x-font-ttf ttf
AddType application/vnd.ms-fontobject eot
AddType image/svg+xml svg

3. I want to align my player (left/right/middle).

By default the player is positioned in the middle. To change alignment of the player to either left or right:
Go to FV Player settings > scroll down to post interface options > tick “Align”. Now you can insert your video. In the interface you can now choose you alignment from the drop down menu: default (middle), left, or right.
You can check demo in here.

4. How to check my video properties using the built-in checker and how to report video not playing

The video checker works automatically when you’re logged in as admin. You’ll see a text in upper left corner of any video on your site. All the necessary info can be found in this guide.

5. My video doesn’t play in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.

Most of the issues is caused by bad mime type on the server which serves your video files. Our plugin contains an automated checked for this – just click the “Check Videos” button on the plugin Settings screen.

Here’s how to fix the mime type:

If your videos are hosted on a standard server:

You need to put the following into your .htaccess:

AddType video/mp4             .mp4
AddType video/webm            .webm
AddType video/ogg             .ogv
AddType application/x-mpegurl .m3u8
AddType video/x-m4v           .m4v
AddType video/mp2t            .ts

If you use Microsoft IIS, add following into web.config (one should be in your root website folder) into configuration/system.webServer/staticContent section:

<remove fileExtension=".mp4" />  
<mimeMap fileExtension=".mp4" mimeType="video/mp4" />
<remove fileExtension=".webm" />  
<mimeMap fileExtension=".webm" mimeType="video/webm" />
<remove fileExtension=".ogg" />  
<mimeMap fileExtension=".ogg" mimeType="video/ogg" />
<remove fileExtension=".m4v" />  
<mimeMap fileExtension=".m4v" mimeType="video/x-m4v" />
<remove fileExtension=".ts" />  
<mimeMap fileExtension=".ts" mimeType="video/mp2t" />

This can be also done in the Apache configuration. If you are on Microsoft IIS, you need to use the IIS manager.

If you host videos on Amazon AWS:

They might be served with bad mime type too – “application/octet-stream”. This largely depends on the tool which you use to upload your videos. Using your Amazon AWS Management Console, you can go though your videos and find file content type under the “Metadata” tab in an object’s “Properties” pane and fix it to “video/mp4” (without the quotes, of course different video formats need different mime type, this one is for MP4). There are also tools for this, like S3 Browser Freeware, good place for start is here: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=224446

Good example can be seen in our support forum: https://foliovision.com/support/fv-wordpress-flowplayer/how-to/how-to-set-correct-mime-type-on-videos-hosted-by-amazon

Also for Internet Explorer, it’s not recommended to use MPEG-4 Visual or MPEG-4 Part 2 video stream codecs.

6. How do I fix the bad metadata (moov) position?

This means that the video information (such as what codecs are used) is not stored at the beginning of the file. In our experience, video with bad meta data position might be slow to load in Flash engine (check some browser which doesn’t play MP4 format in Flash – like Opera) and Firefox. Although Safary and iOS (iPAd, iPhone) may play it just fine.

In general we recommend you to re-encode your video as per our instructions, but here are some quick tools:

If you are using Mac, try Lillipot (just remember to rename the file back to .mp4 extension): http://www.qtbridge.com/lillipot/lillipot.html

If you have Quick Time Pro, just open the video and in the Movie Properties -> Video Track -> Other Settings turn on the “Cache (hint)” – screenshot.

If you are using Windows, try MP4 FastStart: http://www.datagoround.com/lab/

There are also server-side tools for fixing of this written in Python and there one for PHP, but it fails on videos bigger than the PHP memory limit.

7. I’m getting error about ‘HTTP range requests’.

Please check with your technical support if your web server supports HTTP range requests. Most of the modern web servers support this feature (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Litespeed…). It’s important for fast seeking in HTML5 video playback.

Other possible cause is that you are using some membership plugin to protect downloading of your videos (Premise and others). While this might seem like a good solution, we don’t recommend it as it increases the load of your server and it won’t allow seeking in the videos. You can use Amazon S3 with privacy settings, just hit the link to read our illustrated guide.

8. Are there any known compatibility issues?.

We heard about problems when using some fancy pro templates like OptimizePress (read below for fixing instructions) or Gantry framework. These templates often break the WordPress conventions (probably as they often try to add too many non-template functions, like video support built-in into the template). We can debug the issues for you, just head over to our website and order the pro support.

Full list of conflicting plugins is available here: https://foliovision.com/player/compatibility

9. I’m using OptimizePress version 1 template.

First click the “Check template” button on the pluging settings screen. It will likely report an issue like:

It appears there are multiple Flowplayer scripts on your site, your videos might not be playing, please check. There might be some other plugin adding the script.
Flowplayer script http://site.com/wp-content/themes/OptimizePress/js/flowplayer-3.2.4.min.js is old version and won't play. You need to get rid of this script.

The problem with this template is that it includes that old Flowplayer library without using the proper WordPress function to add a new script (wp_enqueue_script). You need to go through the template and make sure the script is not loading. Typically it will be in any of the header.php files – including header-myheader.php, header-singleheader.php or similar files.

There is also a workaround – on each page what is using one of the OptimizePress custom templates, check Launch Page & Sales Letter Options –> Video Options –> “Activate Video” and enter “<!– FV Flowplayer –>” into Launch Page & Sales Letter Options –> Video Options –> “External Player Code” field. That way the template thinks the video is external and will not try to put in the Flowplayer library and the video will play.

10. I’m using OptimizePress version 2 template.

FV Flowplayer will handle all the videos inserted by the Live Edit.

11. Does this plugin support Shoutcast?.

Unfortunatelly HTML5 does not support live broadcasting. Please read about it here under “Flash. The good parts”: http://flowplayer.org/docs/#flash

12. I get an error message like this when activating the plugin: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /wp-content/plugins/fv-wordpress-flowplayer/models/flowplayer.php on line 4.

You need to use at least PHP 5, your site is probably still running on old PHP 4.

13. I get “Can’t create temporary file for video analysis” in admin video checker.

This temporary file is required as our plugin contains a video checker for admin users – it checks the video format and other information and warns you about potential issues why your video might not play for everybody.

The error message means the WordPress media uploads directory (by default wp-content/uploads) is not writable by PHP. We use this standard WordPress path as it should work for nearly all the websites. Most of people use the standard WordPress Media Library, so this should really work.

You can try to set the permissions of that folder to allow writing for everybody and see if that helps. If you are not sure, ask your web host support about what PHP permission model you use.

14. I installed the plugin, inserted the video, but it’s not working – there is no control bar or only a gray box appears.

Go to plugin Settings screen and hit “Check template” button. It will check if both jQuery library and Flowplayer JavaScript is loading properly.

Also, check “I’m using OptimizePress template” question above.

15. Your player works just fine, but there are some weird display issues.

Please check if these issues also appear when using the default WordPress template. There seems to be some sort of conflict between the Flowplayer CSS and your theme CSS.

16. Fullscreen is not working properly for me.

Are you using some old lightbox plugin like http://www.4mj.it/slimbox-wordpress-plugin/ ? Or are you putting the video into Iframe? Also, the video should not be placed in an HTML element with lowered z-index.

17. How to make this plugin WPMU compatible?.

Just copy the plugin into wp-content/plugins and then activate it on each blog where you want to use it.

18. Is there a way to force pre-buffering to load a chunk of the video before the splash screen appears?.

This option is not available. With autobuffer, it means every visitor on every visit to your page will be downloading the video. This means that you use a lot more bandwidth than on demand. I know that I actually watch the video on only about 1/3 of the pages with video that I visit. That saves you money (no bandwidth overages) and means that people who do want to watch the video and other visitors to your site get faster performance.
If you want to autobuffer, you can turn that on in the options (we turn it off by default and recommend that it stays off).

19. My videos are hosted with Amazon S3 service. How can I fill the details into shortcode?.

Just enter the URL of your video hosted on Amazon S3 as the video source.

20. I would like to localize the play again button.

Currently there is no support for other languages.

21. Where can I change the default directory for videos?.

You can change this manually in the the models/flowplayer.php in the flowplayer_head function. It you use videos in widgets you might need to edit the function flowplayer_content in controller/frontend.php as well. Please be carefull when editing source codes.

22. How do I insert flowplayer object outside the post, for example to a sidebar?

You need to use following code to include the shortcode into a sidebar:

echo apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘[flowplayer src=yourvideo.mp4 width=240 height=320]’);

Fill the Flowplayer shortcode part according to your needs. The apply filter needs to be called because the flowplayer shortcodes are not parsen outside posts automatically. Also, please do not forget to add the echo at the beginning.

23. How can I style the popup or ad?

Check out .wpfp_custom_popup and .wpfp_custom_ad in /fv-wordpress-flowplayer/css/flowplayer.css. You might want to move your changes to your template CSS – make sure you use ID of container element, so your declarations will work even when the flowplayer.css is loaded later in the head section of your webpage.

24. Is there a way to remove the share (embed) button?

Yes, there’s a global option in settings to disable sharing/embed. We plan to add an individual flag on a per video basis to allow sharing when sharing is turned off globally and vice versa.

25. My videos are taking long time to load.

  1. Check your hosting for download speed.
  2. Try to use different settings when encoding the videos, try to turn on the cache when encoding with Quick Time

26. How can I change the play icon?

You need to copy the CSS from the Flowplayer CSS (default theme) and put it into your theme CSS. Also add some element ID in front of it to make sure it overrides the default Flowplayer CSS:

#content .is-paused.flowplayer .fp-ui{background-image:url({PATH TO YOUR IMAGE}.png)}
#content .is-rtl.is-splash.flowplayer .fp-ui, #content .is-rtl.is-paused.flowplayer .fp-ui{background-image:url({PATH TO YOUR IMAGE-rtl}.png)}
@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2){
  #content .is-splash.flowplayer .fp-ui, #content .is-paused.flowplayer .fp-ui{background-image:url({PATH TO YOUR IMAGE@2x}.png)}
  #content .is-rtl.is-splash.flowplayer .fp-ui, #content .is-rtl.is-paused.flowplayer .fp-ui{background-image:url({PATH TO YOUR IMAGE-rtl@2x}.png)}

The image needs to be 100x106px normal version nad 200x212px hi res version. You only have to include the RTL version if your site runs in such language.

27. How can I change position of my custom logo?

Check out Settings -> FV Player -> Sitewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Logo.

28. Volume control in player looks weird.

Make sure you are not using obsolete tags like <center> to wrap the video. Such tag is not supported in HTML5, you have to use CSS to center elements.

29. How do I get rid of the ‘Hit ? for help’ tooltip on the player box?

You can put this into your template’s functions.php file, if you know a bit of PHP. It will disable the tooltip.

add_filter( 'fv_flowplayer_attributes', 'tweak_fv_flowplayer_attributes', 10, 2 );
function tweak_fv_flowplayer_attributes( $attrs ) {
    $attrs['data-tooltip'] = 'false';
    return $attrs;

30. How can I customized the player control bar? I want to add a play/pause button.

Just put this code into the template’s functions.php file. If you know a bit of PHP, it should not be a problem for you:

add_filter( 'fv_flowplayer_attributes', 'tweak_controlbar_fv_flowplayer_attributes', 10, 2 );
function tweak_controlbar_fv_flowplayer_attributes( $attrs ) {
    $attrs['class'] .= ' play-button';
    return $attrs;

It simply adds a class “play-button” to the player DIV element and then it knows to use the play button. The other options are:


31. Minify plugins are interfering with FV Player

Read our guide Using FV Player with Minify Plugins. There you’ll find how to set up plugins such as Autoptimize or WP Rocket so they work properly with the FV Player.

32. What if the FV Player doesn’t work for me?

No worries.

  1. You can always downgrade to version the Flash version (delete the plugin then grab older version here and install from the ZIP file). If you downgrade to version 1.x you do lose a lot of mobile and iOS capability but you didn’t have it in the first place.
  2. Contact us via support. We are actively investigating and fixing people’s sites now during the initial release period. We will help you to get FV Player 7 working in your environment.

33. I can’t see overlay ads on my videos

The problem is probably in AdBlock. If it’s active, the overlay ads will be blocked. Once AdBlock is deactivated for the particular domain where the video is played, the overlay ads will be displayed (page refresh needed).

34. My YouTube video doesn’t show properly in fullscreen

There is an possible issue with some themes: YouTube video opens in fullscreen, but after minimizing and opening fullscreen again, the video is shrinked in the left part of the screen (as in this example). You need to copy this CSS into your theme style sheet:

iframe.fvyoutube-engine {
    width: 100% !important;

You can optionally edit your theme’s JS to prevent the shrinking.

FV Player Pro comes with a money back guarantee so you can even try the commercial no-branding version risk free. Or make it work first with the free versions.

Thank you for being part of the HMTL 5 mobile video revolution!


फेब्रुअरी 20, 2024 1 जवाफ
If you want a video plugin to add your own hosted videos, use FV Player it works great and the support is excellent! In fact, the plugin is so good, that I have only had to contact support once in the last 7 years that I have been using it thanks for being awesome!! -Christina
सेप्टेम्बर 22, 2023
Used it for several years now. Easy to implement. Feature rich. Updated frequently.
अगस्ट 14, 2023
Useless watermark that does nothing except ruining for the viewer. We get it, you want to sell you pro license. A watermark won't do that though.
सेप्टेम्बर 21, 2022
It can be tricky to find a video player plugin that is updated regularly and that works across all devices. Not to mention at a reasonable cost. These guys know their stuff, the support system is excellent if/when you run into issues.
अगस्ट 8, 2022
bsd i looked after a shortcode full customizing video player with playlists. Found here exactly what i wanted and much more.
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योगदानकर्ता र डेभलपरहरू

“FV Flowplayer Video Player” खुला स्रोत सफ्टवेयर हो। निम्न व्यक्तिहरूले यो प्लगिनमा योगदान गरेका छन्।


“FV Flowplayer Video Player” 6 लोकेलहरूमा अनुवाद गरिएका छन्। योगदानको लागि अनुवादकहरूलाई धन्यवाद।

“FV Flowplayer Video Player” लाई आफ्नो भाषामा अनुवाद गर्नुहोस्

विकासमा रुचि छ?

आरएसएस द्वारा कोड ब्राउज गर्नुहोस्, एसभीएन रिपजिटरी हेर्नुहोस्, वा विकास लग को सदस्यता लिनुहोस्।

चेन्जलग – 2023/10/04

  • YouTube – fixing playback glitches on Android and iOS, tested with iOS 12.5.7 to 17.0 – 2023/09/29

  • YouTube – fix videos not starting properly on Android
  • Bugfix – stale pending video encoding jobs removing video URLs when using Gutenberg block – 2023/08/23

  • Security – prevent XSS when “Enable profile videos” is on
  • Allow DB tables to be fixed with WP_ALLOW_REPAIR
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 – fix when using commas in the URLs
  • Bugfix – Video Checker – fix checking of dynamic URLs (Amazon S3, or FV Player Pro CDNs like Bunny CDN) – 2023/08/02

  • HLS.js – upgrade to 1.4.10
  • Optimize FV Flowplayer JS loading – disabled if using WP Rocket “Delay JavaScript execution”
  • Remember video position – on by default for now plugin users
  • Sticky player – option to enable for mobile users. Thanks to Dennis Isseult https://www.dmimedia.nl
  • Bugfix – Safari – disable HLS.js for Safari 16.5 and above due to playback issues on some websites – 2023/05/03

  • Bugfix – DigitalOcean Spaces/AWS S3 browser broken after AWS SDK update, fixing tests too – 2023/04/26

  • AWS SDK update – PHP 7.3 is now required for the DigitalOcean Spaces/AWS S3 browser
  • Bugfix – Avoid PHP fatal errors if plugin PHP files are opened directly
  • Bugfix – Fix audio-only playlist detection
  • Bugfix – Sticky player behavior when VAST ad is playing
  • Security – prevent XSS for logged in editors – 2023/03/31

  • Tested up to WordPress 6.2. Note that the FV Player Editor is not available in the Block Themes Site Editor and you have to put in the shortcode by hand.
  • Video Stats – CSV export function
  • Video Stats – recording each logged in user separately, see wp-admin -> FV Player -> User Stats
  • Video Stats – recording video watch duration – 2023/01/30

  • New feature – [fvplayer_watched] to give list of watched/unfinished/finished videos with their post links
  • PHP 8.2 fixes
  • Security fix – video intelligence ads settings box could be removed with XSS
  • Video Custom Fields – fix autoplay not working
  • YouTube – check live stream status – 2022/12/23

  • Using Freedom Video Player 7.2.12
  • Chromecast – fix for HLS streams with multiple audio tracks
  • Click to unmute – showing for 10 instead of just 5 seconds if audible autoplay has been blocked by browser
  • Compatibility – SiteGround Optimizer
  • CSS – making the timeline easier to tap on mobile
  • Handle WordPress audio/video setting – Support Vimeo Gutenberg block
  • Handle WordPress audio/video setting – Support Vimeo iframes
  • Lightbox – support text links to images with class=”colorbox”
  • MPEG-DASH – upgrade to Dash.js 3.2.2
  • Schema.org – adding video duration
  • Sticky player – also working when scrolling up
  • YouTube – fullscreen fix if your theme uses CSS transform or z-index
  • Bugfix – duplicate preview with Gutenberg
  • Bugfix – MPEG-DASH – Vimeo volume unmuting for iPad
  • Bugfix – YouTube – “Live in XY hours” message not appearing for some users on scheduled live streams
  • Bugfix – YouTube – Shorts support for mobile – 2022/09/23

  • AWS SDK update and size reduction
  • Full-featured YouTube player (moved in from FV Player Pro)
  • HLS.js – upgrade to 1.2.3 to fix playback on iOS 16
  • iPhone – avoid accidental drag of on-screen home button when in fullscreen
  • Seek back/forward button on controlbar – allowing for DVR live streams
  • SiteGround Security – putting track.php on their exclusions list
  • Bugfix – Dash.js Safari autoplay fix
  • Bugfix – fixing missing “no play” icon
  • Bugfix – Preloading – fix player not appearing when using 100% width and height, assuming 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Bugfix – Volume control appearing for iOS 16 where it’s not possible to control volume using JavaScript – 2022/08/22

  • CSS – do not preload in header if FV Player is in one of the Widgets and not in page content
  • CSS – fix subtitles position on mobile when controlbar visible
  • Editor – show save errors
  • Featured Image – FV Player will only use it’s splash image if there is no Featured Image only once per post – making it easy to remove if you do not want it
  • Updating settings help screen and help links
  • Bugfix – Bunny Stream video splash images not showing in job browser when using FV Player Pro function for URL tokens
  • Bugfix – iOS video recovery – was not working for HLS live streams
  • Bugfix – Preloading – fix play button not appearing for Slim and YouTuby skins
  • Bugfix – reducing database row size – 2022/07/06

  • Using Freedom Video Player 7.2.10
  • AWS SDK update
  • CSS – make sure the seek buttons work with button color setting
  • Editor – download splash image from Vimeo or YouTube for FV Player Pro users
  • Featured image – only set once for each player in the post, allowing you to prevent the FV Player Splash Image from becoming the Featured Image anytime you save the post
  • Safari – avoid WebM , it might have VP9 – won’t play
  • Security – hide sensitive information in settings pannels (the Secure Access Keys, requires FV Player Pro if installed)
  • SEO – 30 instead of just 10 words for schema.org/description
  • Bugfix – PHP 8.1 deprecation fixes – 2022/05/11

  • Mobile – “Force landscape orientation in fullscreen” is now always on and no longer a setting
  • Mobile – showing “To enjoy fullscreen swipe up to hide location bar.” for iPhone users when location bar appears in fullscreen mode
  • Updating to Flowplayer 7.2.8
  • Styling – fullscreen exit button is now an X symbol
  • Styling – fullscreen exit button is now easier to tap on mobile
  • Styling – mobile now has more spacing between timeline and control bar buttons
  • Video Position Saving – also remember the top position in the video
  • Video upload – Support folder creation for FV Player Coconut
  • Video upload – Support uploading into folders for FV Player Coconut
  • Bugfix – Editor – creating duplicate drafts
  • Bugfix – Editor – empty subtitles field appearing
  • Bugfix – Editor – missing action hook on player save, causing issues with FV Player Pay Per View
  • Bugfix – “Load FV Flowplayer JS everywhere” setting – was not loading rewind/fastforward and playlist repeat buttons – 2022/04/07

  • Bugfix – Position saving – issues with position restore when multiple players on the page
  • Bugfix – CSS – ensure the controlbar fonts load before video starts playing
  • Bugfix – LearnDash LMS support – fix FV Player Pro video ads to not affect lesson completion button – 2022/03/25

  • Urgent Bugfix – video splash screens not disappearing for non-Pro users – 2022/03/24

  • Security – player editing permission checks for Contributors and Authors
  • Security – XSS fix – users with the Contributor role (or above) were able to insert rudimentary JavaScript into FV Player. Thanks to m0ze (Patchstack) for the report!
  • Autoplay – only remove splash once video really plays to prevent empty black video from showing
  • LearnDash LMS support – fix display issues with playlist
  • Bugfix – Position saving – skip playlist position restore for YouTube playlist – for now
  • Bugfix – Position saving – fix for invalid player index for non-logged in users – 2022/03/18

  • Security – fix for SQL injection vulnerability when saving player in editor – for Author user level and above. Thanks to Tien Nguyen Anh for the report!
  • Elementor – Bring back the FV Player into Elementor Elements search
  • Media Library – optimized images loading
  • Shortcode to database conversion tool fixes
  • wp-admin -> FV Player – allow search by player ID
  • Bugfix – bad values coming from the background video duration scanner
  • Bugfix – JavaScript compatibility fixes
  • Bugfix – Picture button stopped working
  • Bugfix – Sticky player – fix when closing sticky mode
  • Bugfix – Sticky player – fix when scrolling too fast
  • Bugfix – Volume restoration not working if default volume set to zero – 2022/01/27

  • HLS.js – upgrade to 1.1.4 to fix playback on Apple Silicon M1 computers
  • LearnDash LMS support – add FV Player directly in your lesson Video Progression settings
  • Shortcode to database conversion tool – use FV Player -> Tools -> Conversion to upgrade from [fvplayer src=”…”] to [fvplayer id=”…”]
  • Video Sitemap XML – Elementor support
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 – fix bucket name being matched in the file name
  • Bugfix – Settings screen – fix boxes not opening in rare cases – 2021/01/06

  • Bunny Stream – show video collections
  • Bugfix – Editor – show HLS stream checkboxes if the stream cannot be checked as it’s not available – 2021/12/20

  • New feature – drag&drop video upload and encoding with the Bunny Stream service!
  • New feature – Editor now detects the HLS stream type to show Live stream and Audio stream checkboxes only when needed
  • Compatibility – Editor – jQuery 3.6 fixes
  • Bugfix – Editor – prevent autosave attempt right after opening the editor – 2021/11/25

  • Bugfix – Playlist tabs not pausing the old tab player properly
  • Bugfix – Position Saving – do not use index.m3u8 as the video ID
  • Bugfix – Video link issue for videos over 1 hour
  • Compatibility – Bunny.net WordPress CDN Plugin
  • Compatibility – WP Rocket Used CSS
  • Lightbox – Fancybox updated – double tap on image zooms in
  • Linode Object Storage support
  • Video upload support for FV Player Coconut and FV Player Bunny Stream – 2021/10/14

  • Click to unmute – adding translations
  • Click to unmute – only show on hover
  • Click to unmute – only show once in playlist
  • Live streams – fix buffer indicator bug for long streams
  • Media Library – fix for picking of old FV Player Coconut jobs
  • PHP warnings – fix multibyte functions used without check
  • Store dismissed wp-admin popup notices also in cookies
  • Support for FV Player Coconut video uploads – fixes – 2021/10/06

  • Airplay – removing the button if the video type is not supported
  • Click to unmute – shows when a video playback starts muted
  • Flash is no longer the default video type
  • Support for FV Player Coconut video uploads – 2021/09/27

  • Bugfix – HLS – live stream check – countdown fix
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – image lightbox picks proper image caption for [caption] shortcodes
  • Bugfix – Matomo/Piwik support – fix when running in subfolder
  • Bugfix – Subtitles – remember disabled subtitles state even if subtitles on by default – 2021/09/09

  • Appearance – player interface is now a bit smaller on desktop devices
  • CSS – fix gap between player and controlbar for fixed controls and full timeline
  • Mobile – keep rewind button even on narrow displays
  • Support for chapters on video timeline (Pro feature)
  • Uninstall – adding the missing feature
  • Bugfix – native fullscreen not working on iOS – 2021/08/18

  • Bugfix – CSS – timeline dragging causing display issues on some websites with Gutenberg
  • Bugfix – Elementor FV Player widget not considered for the “Embedded on” column of wp-admin -> FV Player
  • Bugfix – Embedded post ID missing when editing player with FV Player Pay Per View enabled
  • Bugfix – Lightbox should not use left/right align
  • Bugfix – Video Stats – clear scheduled job hook if setting not active
  • Bugfix – Video Stats – do not track video recovery as another play
  • Bugfix – Video Stats – track video replay as another play – 2021/08/10

  • Security – fix for XSS vulnerability in stats screen
  • Bugfix – Force landscape orientation in fullscreen setting fix
  • Bugfix – bad scroll position after leaving fullscreen
  • Bugfix – Sticky player code should not run on mobile – 2021/07/28

  • Bugfix – editor auto-save for FV Player Pay Per View and FV Player Pay Per View for WooCommerce – 2021/07/21

  • Google Analytics – compatibility with Google Analytics 4
  • WordPress 5.8 – fix for the Widgets screen loading issues and FV Player widgets preview
  • Bugfix – Android landscape fullscreen lock not working with HLS
  • Bugfix – popup notice on 7.5 upgrade not going away when dismissed – possibly due to object cache issues, but we added a browser cookie to prevent it
  • Bugfix – some encrypted HLS streams failing to start properly in Safari – 2021/06/21

  • New feature – Daily video play stats, just enable Settings -> FV Player -> Sidewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Video Stats
  • New feature – Multiple video playback, just enable Settings -> FV Player -> Sidewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Multiple video playback
  • Improved editing experience with autosave and autopreview
  • Improved Gutenberg integration – with player preview, we still look forward for a proper Gutenberg block
  • Improved handling of multiple players on page – previously played video will pause and not go back to beginning
  • Improved HLS quality remembering
  • Improved JavaScript loading – player only loads files once the user is actually using the page – 2021/05/18

  • Custom video fields – setting default hook priority to ensure boxes are placed higher up
  • Deprecated jQuery calls fix
  • HLS.js – upgrade to 1.0.4 to fix autoplay issues with some streams
  • Bugfix – Editor – Video Screenshot – fix for new crossOrigin requirement for MP4
  • Bugfix – Playlist – fixes when the playlist item fails to play and it auto-advances to next
  • Bugfix – Sticky player – subtitles sizing – 2021/04/09

  • DASH.js – allowing it to recover from blocked autoplay on Safari
  • Handle WordPress audio/video – improved the setting to also work with YouTube oEmbed
  • Migration Wizard – improved to handle subtitles too
  • Bugfix – duplicate FV Player DB wp_fv_player_videometa rows being created
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – respect dimensions stored in FV Player DB
  • Bugfix – Position Saving – safer way of restoring position (for HLS.js) – 2021/03/24

  • Bugfix – YouTube.com iframe embeds broken after adding support for youtube-nocokie.com in previous release
  • Bugfix – YouTube controlbar fix for iPad with Chrome for FV Player Pro – 2021/03/23

  • Chromecast – support for video subtitles added
  • FV Player Pro required for encrypted HLS with multiple audio tracks
  • Google Analytics – compatibility with websites using ga.js or gtag.js
  • HLS.js – upgrade to 0.14.17 to fix subtle audio sync issues
  • Matomo tracking support (Piwik)
  • New Feature – Migration Wizard – found in Settings -> FV Player -> Tools, useful to mass replace video URLs
  • Bugfix – editor screenshots and video checker reports broken after PHP 8 fixes – 2021/03/10

  • Custom CSS – added field for easy player CSS customizations in wp-admin -> Settings -> FV Player -> Skin -> Custom CSS
  • Subtitles – using native language names for the menu
  • Bugfix – CSS – scrollbars appearing on player in some cases
  • Bugfix – PHP 8 – fixing warnings – 2021/03/08

  • Compatibility – Brizy editor preview support
  • CSS – controlbar menus should get scrollbars automatically
  • Google Analytics – only run if configured – but allow custom tracking events (fv_track_events)
  • Mobile – Fullscreen orientation lock – fix for portrait videos
  • Video linking – added milisecond precision for FV Player Pro AB Loop Link
  • Bugfix – CSS – put controlbar menus above controlbar in fullscreen
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – fixing embed links to work (without lightbox)
  • Bugfix – PHP warnings – prevent when unknown properties set via editor
  • Bugfix – Video checker – unable to type when mouse hover on player – 2021/02/18

  • Bugfix – Fullscreen – bad scroll position after leaving fullscreen of YouTube with FV Player Pro
  • Bugfix – Google Analytics – only load when configured
  • Bugfix – prevent PHP notices for position and timeline_preview – 2021/01/21

  • Chromecast – icon fix
  • Chromecast – retain playback position when enabling/disabling
  • Chromecast – support replaying the video and playlists
  • Chromecast – support switching of audio tracks in multiple audio track HLS streams
  • Skin settings – adding Helvetica as an option
  • Bugfix – removing exception trigger for missing FV_Player_Db_Player_Meta() – 2021/01/14

  • Security – Security – XSS fix for wp-admin -> FV Player screen from logged in editors/admins. Thanks to Arcangelo Saracino for the report!
  • Compatibility – Avada builder (wp-admin) fixes
  • Google Analytics – switching from ga.js to analytics.js
  • Bugfix – Audio splash screen fix for HLS audio-only streams
  • Bugfix – Fullscreen subtitles font size
  • Bugfix – Video duration scanning issues with certain HLS streams – 2020/11/20

  • Added Settings into wp-admin -> FV Player menu
  • Compatibility – Safari fullscreen fix for Twenty Twenty
  • Bugfix – HLS quality remembering – fix when remembered stream number doesn’t exist
  • Bugfix – iOS video recovery – was causing issues with playback of MP4 videos
  • Bugfix – Playlist style selection not working for FV Player Pro Vimeo Channel parsing
  • Bugfix – S3 Browser – fix for CloudFront domains when using S3 path with region name – 2020/10/28

  • Bugfix – typo in OGV video parsing resulting in bad video type
  • Bugfix – “Use native fullscreen on mobile” not working after last release – 2020/10/22

  • Audio – splash screen now stays up for the full duration of audio files
  • Compatiblity – Fullscreen appearance fix for Google Pixel 4
  • HLS – live stream check – countdown translation fixes
  • iOS video recovery – improved for expired MP4 file links
  • Playlist – show item splash when manually switching items
  • Translations – quality menu, speed menu and subtitles menu label
  • Bugfix – Compatiblity – Elementor editor CSS conflict fix
  • Bugfix – Editor – fix for picking of timeline previews in FV Player Pro
  • Bugfix – FV Player wp-admin screen – screen options per page setting fix
  • Bugfix – Video durations are now respecting FV Player Pro’s custom start/end time
  • Bugfix – Video Position Saving – improvements to work with FV Player Pro’s custom start/end time – 2020/09/23

  • FV Player wp-admin Screen – search fixes and improvements – you can multiple words or quotes
  • HLS – live stream check – improving display and behavior when multiple video playbacks is enabled
  • Compatibility – AWS – library update
  • Compatibility – jQuery migrate fixes
  • Compatibility – Elementor fixes – 2020/08/24

  • Bugfix – Autoplay – hide initial play arrow animation when autoplaying a video did also hide the loading progress indicator
  • DASH.js library downgrade to 3.0.0 as some videos wouldn’t play on macOS 10.5.6 with Safari 13.1.2 – 2020/08/14

  • Bugfix – Editor – WordPress 5.5 fix for dropdown settings (HTML select tag) – 2020/08/12

  • Autoplay – hide initial play arrow animation when autoplaying a video
  • DASH.js library update to 3.1.2
  • Keyboard controls – disabled when controlbar hidden
  • Loop fix for FV Player Pro YouTube engine
  • Video Position Saving – remember if logged in user saw the video already
  • WordPress 5.5 fixes – 2020/06/09

  • AWS – adding new regions
  • HLS – live stream check – shows countdown and retries automatically if it’s not up
  • List table – changing user interface text labels “Playlist” to “Player”
  • MPEG-DASH – partial fix for Disable HTML5 autoplay Chrome extension for Vimeo videos in FV Player Pro
  • Settings – Check template – fix when using Google PageSpeed module or SCRIPT_DEBUG
  • Bugfix – Editor – bugfix, couldn’t save Prev/Next playlist style properly
  • Bugfix – iOS video recovery – bugfix, it was not allowing you to pause the video
  • Bugfix – Multiple video playback – would mute videos in playlist – 2020/05/07

  • HLS – improved parsing of video qualities for video quality menu in case your m3u8 has video resolution information
  • Skin settings – allowing 0 for marginBottom
  • Bugfix – CSS – playlist font color setting not working
  • Bugfix – CSS – 2014 design titles background color in some themes
  • Bugfix – MPEG-DASH – fix for recovery of Vimeo videos in FV Player Pro – 2020/04/08

  • New setting – Multiple video playback – enable to allow multiple videos to play at the same time, only the last played video remains audible, the others are muted
  • Editor – Preview is now using a simpler and faster code
  • Iframe embedding – when you embed a playlist, it remembers which video did you play when obtaining the iframe embed code
  • iOS – better way of detecting 403 HTTP errors during playback
  • Subtitles – improving to show the first matching subtitle line when subtitles are first enabled, until now it would wait before playback time reaches another subtitle line
  • Volume control – dragging it down to zero mutes the video and shows the un-mute icon, which restores the last volume when clicked
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – Proper sizing for mobile landscape view
  • Bugfix – Video duration scanning when posting new files using editor and not using FV Player Pro
  • Bugfix – Video Position Saving – not working for logged in users in Chrome version >= 80 – 2020/01/28

  • HLS.js – enabling on iOS 13 and Safari above version 8
  • Bugfix – CSS – avoiding borders on splash images
  • Bugfix – Editor – Preview fix when using Lazy Load by WP Rocket
  • Bugfix – Sharing – fixing the custom URL and title in frontend, fixing link to Tweet
  • Bugfix – Splash screen code cleanup for FV Player Pro – 2019/12/12

  • AWS – adding new regions
  • New setting – Force HD Streaming for websites who prefer video quality over buffering speed
  • Playlist – add sort=”reverse” to shortcode to shows the playlist in reverse item order
  • Bugfix – invisible menus trapping click events below the player on mobile
  • Bugfix – Playlist menu – not adding when there is a single video with ads
  • Bugfix – S3 Bucket browser – fix for missing styling
  • Bugfix – Vimeo/MPEG-DASH mute button fix – 2019/10/23

  • Playlist menu – fixing to not include the FV Player Pro Video Ads – 2019/10/22

  • Compatibility – Elementor fixes
  • Editor – removing playlist name field for single videos
  • FV Player wp-admin Screen – Screen Option to show player author
  • FV Player wp-admin Screen – only showing players for which the user has edit permissions
  • Lightbox – compatibility if your website already loads Fancybox 2
  • Lightbox – sizing fix for single video – respect desired size
  • HLS – going back to HLS.js 0.11.0 library due to encrypted HLSv4 issues
  • Maintenance – split the master JS file into modules for development, kept a single fv-flowplayer.min.js for normal use
  • MPEG-DASH – upgrading Dash.js to 3.0.0
  • Translations – adding hooks for the playlist repeat button
  • Video Speed – removing bad 0.25x speed when 0.5x speed step is set
  • Video Checker – code refactoring, making it work in FV Player Editor – 2019/09/17

  • Chromecast – disabled by default for new installs, use the “Enable google chromecast” setting
  • HLS – updated the HLS.js library
  • Muted autoplay – adding the global and per-player setting
  • Subtitles – remembering the last subtitle language selected and using that
  • Bugfix – Database – cloning a player should omit the “Embedded on” information
  • Bugfix – Editor – bad position of the video meta data loading indicator
  • Bugfix – Polaroid and Season playlist styles – fix when you exit fullscreen too early
  • Bugfix – Splash screen – covering the video during playback due to theme CSS with !important rules
  • Bugfix – Video Links – issues when clicking different links pointing to a single video
  • Bugfix – Volume bar – fixing what happens on mobile when you tap video to pause after changing volume – 2019/08/28

  • Google Analytics – using video titles rather than file names
  • iOS 12 fullscreen fix
  • Playlist – adding recovery routine – missing video will no longer cause the whole playlist to stop playing
  • Playlist – fixing Season style font sizes
  • Handle WordPress shortcodes – fixed to also handle the [audio] shortcodes
  • Video linking – using the video ID if available
  • Bugfix – splash image not appearing when using 100% for global width or height – 2019/07/30

  • New mobile setting – Force landscape orientation in fullscreen
  • New playlist style – Polaroid
  • New playlist style – Vertical Season
  • New video field – DVR stream – available for m3u8 and mpd streams
  • New video field – synopsis – used for Vertical Season playlist
  • Styling – changed splash images from CSS background to actual IMG tags for easier lazyloading and future retina support
  • Styling – making sure any menu fits into the player height
  • Styling – moving Airplay button next to fullscreen button
  • Styling – showing full-width timeline if there are too many buttons on a narrow screen
  • Ads – showing overlay ad for each playlist item
  • Lightbox – showing playlist (player and playlist items) as a single item
  • Handle WordPress shortcodes – fixed to also cover Gutenberg video block in front-end
  • Bugfix – bad default sort on the wp-admin -> FV Player screen – 2019/07/11

  • Security – fix for SQL injection vulnerability on the wp-admin FV Player screen for users with access – thanks to Tin Duong
  • Removing setting – Enable old interface
  • Bugfix – Speed menu – enabling for Android
  • Bugfix – Video Position Saving – disabling for live streams
  • Bugfix – Video Speed – not restoring the last video speed for players without speed menu – 2019/07/10

  • New Feature – Video Screenshots – FV Player Editor now lets you take the current video frame as the video splash screen
  • S3 Bucket browser – making it work more like WP Media Library, showing file details in the right sidebar
  • Settings screen – remembering the scroll position
  • Video Speed – remembering last video speed just like the audio volume
  • Performance – Video Position Saving – only storing position with Ajax before unloading the page
  • Bugfix – PHP 7.3 warning removed
  • Bugfix – Playlist – making it possible to pick another playlist item after playback error
  • Bugfix – Vimeo/MPEG-DASH muted autoplay fix – 2019/05/31

  • Subtitles – avoiding video playback failure when just the subtitles are missing
  • MPEG-DASH – fixing video muting/unmuting
  • Quality Switching – changing the “M” label for mobile qualities to “SD” as it’s more recognizable – 2019/05/16

  • Security – fix for SQL injection vulnerability in email subscription
  • Security – fix for email subscription CSV export capability available to guest users – 2019/05/14

  • Security – fix for XSS vulnerability in email subscription
  • Audio player – loading indiciator fix
  • CSS – removing old unused web fonts and graphics – 2019/04/30

  • Ad codes – sensing size of the Google AdSense ad unit, allowing the ad to expand from the player container for maximum ad revenue
  • Ad codes – vi Story ad support – stopping your video if there is an video ad in overlay
  • Embed codes – using database player IDs for the embed URL
  • HLS – added support for multiple audio tracks on desktop browsers
  • Iframe embedding – removed the settings as it’s the only way of embedding, you can still use “Disable Embed Button”
  • Screen options – added to the wp-admin -> FV Player screen, allowing you to see count of subtitle, chapter and transcript files
  • Styling – new loading indicator which also appears before the player is initialized on slow connections
  • XML Video Sitemap – includes a lot more videos as it uses the individual player iframe embed links. Until now it was only possible to put in videos using MP4 format without any kind of download protection. Your members only videos stay protected and won’t open, but let us know if they appear in sitemap. – 2019/02/26

  • New Feature – Rewind Button – seeks 10 seconds back in the video, enable in Settings -> FV Player -> Sitewide FV Player Defaults
  • Live stream – removing from Post Interface Options and showing it for HLS streams automatically
  • Audio – checkbox for HLS streams to make them audio-only
  • Bugfix – video duration check forgetting to remove fv_flowlayer_tmp_* temporary files
  • Bugfix – video position saving too many requests when leaving the web page
  • Bugfix – video start/end time editing for FV Player Pro
  • Bugfix – too many database checks in wp-admin – 2019/02/05

  • FV Player wp-admin menu – sorting by player date, latest first
  • S3 Bucket browser – improving to work well with large quantities of files. The search function was removed gone as AWS S3 doesn’t have that, unfortunately.
  • Quality Switching – improving the label for qualities in range of 540-720p (HD if there is no higher quality, otherwise SD)
  • Bugfix – iOS video recovery issues in playlists – 2019/01/24

  • Database – performance fix
  • Bugfix – fullscreen mode corners when using the YouTuby skin
  • Bugfix – FV Player Meta Box (Custom Videos) fixes
  • Bugfix – WP Media Library not loading for FV Player screen
  • Bugfix – S3 Browser not loading FV Player screen and Gutenberg (block editor) – 2019/01/08

  • Caption field – renaming to Title
  • Database – enabling background processing for videos in DB
  • Editor – fix for WebM and HLS duration scanning
  • Lightbox – added Remove fancyBox setting – use if you see a “fancyBox already initialized” message on JavaScript console
  • Sharing – removing Google+ as it’s deprecated
  • Bugfix – PHP 7.2 compatiblity – 2018/12/14

  • FV Player top level wp-admin menu item icon
  • WordPress 5 – Gutenberg editor support
  • Database – bugfix for mapping of Disable Playlist Autoadvance
  • Database – making it work with XML sitemap
  • Handle WordPress shortcodes – improved to work with [playlist] as well – 2018/12/05

  • Compatiblity – improving old Samsung phone detection for warning messages
  • Database – PHP 5.2 compatibility fixes
  • Database – schema changes for better compatibility (maximum row size error)
  • MPEG-DASH – upgrading Dash.js to 2.8.0 – 2018/11/16

  • Fix for PHP warning in wp-admin when no database table is present yet – 2018/11/15

  • New feature – new FV Player instances are now saved into database – no longer using WordPress shortcode format to store all the information
  • New feature – adding System info into FV Player setting screen for easier debugging
  • Reliability – detecting that the video has stalled in Safari and on iOS
  • Lightbox – autoplay fix for bar MP4 links
  • Popups – option to show on pause
  • Removing html5.js recommendation from Check template function. – 2018/10/22

  • Performance fixes – loading SVGs and window resize hooks
  • Alternative iOS fullscreen mode setting – for users who notice site elements such as header bar ovelaying the player in fullscreen on iOS
  • Styling – fixing timeline jumping left-right a bit when using “inherit from template” font face skin setting with some of the WP themes
  • Bugfix – preventing duplicate fullscreen button on Youtuby skin – 2018/10/18

  • Urgent bugfix due to a playlist malfunction caused by the Redirect feature change in previous release – 2018/10/18

  • Chromecast – fixing multiple Chromecast buttons appearing
  • Redirection – not creating the popup window anymore as in 99% of cases it’s blocked
  • Styling – fixing problem with small buttons in fullscreen – 2018/10/16

  • HLS – player size now limits the ABR
  • Playlist – adding prev/next buttons
  • Skin – new color picker with transparency for control bar
  • Skin – setting to move fullscreen button to control bar
  • Styling – using SVG for sharing icons
  • Bugfix – volume bar usability – 2018/10/11

  • Lightbox – fixing display bugs caused by some of the floating header bars (z-index)
  • HLS – using HLS.js instead of HLS.light.js as it had issues with some of the EXT-X-BYTERANGE streams
  • Site speed improvements – allowing FV Player Pro to load Dash JS and HLS JS only when needed – 2018/10/03

  • HLS – improving quality labels (M, SD and HD)
  • Lightbox – fixing full screen sizing issue when using Chrome on Windows
  • Subtitles – fixing language codes for Hebrew, Indonesian and Javanese
  • Check template function – adding warning for websites which strip the query string versions
  • Fixing Admin JavaScript warning – 2018/09/28

  • Amazon S3 – fixing issues caused by Flash version of signed URL
  • Amazon S3 – fixing handling of blank spaces for S3 bucket browser
  • Amazon S3 – fixing handling of blank spaces for URL signature – 2018/09/20

  • Security – adding nonce for the Shortcode Editor preview – 2018/09/18

  • New feature – S3 Bucket browser
  • CSS improvements – sharing buttons
  • Lightbox – will autoplay the video when opened – 2018/09/11

  • Audio player – fixing speed menu and avoiding “No Picture” button
  • CSS cleanup
  • Iframe embedding – fix for playlists – always use “Slider” style to keep it simple
  • Lightbox – update to latest FancyBox version to prevent issues with element data key “target” used by Popups plugin
  • Playlist – fixing width for the “Slider” playlist style
  • Playlist – fixing start/end parsing for “Tabs” playlist style – 2018/09/04

  • First stable release of FV Player 7

  • Updating to Flowplayer 7.2.7
  • Disallowing minimal skin for audio player as it doesn’t work properly with it

  • Audio player – making sure “Force fullscreen on mobile” doesn’t work for it as it makes no sense
  • Getting rid of the old video tag code

  • Fixing subtitle size setting

  • Fixing fp-header and notices click action
  • Fixing fullscreen when Fancybox is enabled for images, but not used for video

  • Fixes for lightbox – proper title for images in h5, hiding WP admin bar and Social Warfare bar, support for WP Rocket image lazyload

  • New lightbox library – using fancyBox 3
  • Playlist – setting maximum player width to 100% to prevent display issues
  • Preventing right mouse click on player
  • XML Video Sitemap and Schema.org – fixing exclusion for CloudFront domains

  • Lightbox – fixing height bug if video is bigger than screen size and taller

  • Fix for MPEG-DASH (Vimeo) stream seeking issues which appeared when seeking too often

  • Autoplay – fix for MPEG-DASH (Vimeo) silent autoplay, important for Chrome

  • iOS < 10 fix
  • Quality Switching – qualities in menu are now sorted
  • Quality Switching – HLS quality remembering
  • Quality Switching – button now shows proper quality label
  • Samsung Browser set to shows warning to use other browser if there is a video error
  • Speed control – the menu now gets a vertical scrollbar if needed

  • New core Flowplayer
  • Quality Switching – current quality bold in menu for MPEG-DASH streams
  • Quality Switching – MPEG-DASH quality remembering


  • Initial FV Player 7 release for FV Player Pro Beta users

6.6.6 – 2018/07/10

New users get FV Player 7 Beta ( automatically!

  • Making sure big custom logo won’t prevent video playback due to blocking clicks
  • Playlist – setting maximum player width to 100% to prevent display issues
  • Preventing right mouse click on player
  • XML Video Sitemap and Schema.org – fixing exclusion for CloudFront domains

6.6.5 – 2018/07/02

  • Feature – Handle WordPress video shortcodes option now also converts YouTube links
  • Bugfix – XSS fix, thanks to Japan Vulnerability Notes for the report

6.6.4 – 2018/06/27

  • Lightbox – fixing height bug if video is bigger than screen size and taller

6.6.3 – 2018/06/19

  • Compatibility – fix for themes which use wp_kses to show post content, like UnidashVersion By CactusThemes. It was preventing FV Player from working in these themes.
  • Deprecating settings unless you are already using it:
    • “Prefer Flash player by default” – used to be useful 3-4 years ago when Firefox (but even Chrome) had several issues with HTML5 video – often depending on the video encoding.
    • “Colorbox Compatibility” – FV Player is going to use fancyBox soon
    • “Parse old shortcodes with commas” – only important if upgrading from FV Player 0.x
    • “Use old code” – this makes sure FV Player keeps using tag, but we had zero support tickets about not using it anymore
  • Removing deprecated settings – “Fit scaling” setting as it doesn’t apply anymore

6.6.2 – 2018/06/04

  • Bugfix – “Load FV Flowplayer JS everywhere” setting – was not loading HLS.js library at all
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – JavaScript error for matching elements without href attribute
  • Bugfix – Video Position Saving – affecting even players which are not set to remember position
  • Bugfix – XML Video Sitemap – fix for conflict with Yoast SEO when the option to disable date archives is enabled

6.6.1 – 2018/05/15

  • Autoplay – disabled in Chrome 66 for now as it won’t permit video autoplay unless the user has already played some video on your website

6.6 – 2018/05/10

  • New feature – XML Video Sitemap
  • Lightbox – making it work also with class=”lightbox” images
  • Optimization – fix is sites which use deferred loading of JavaScript
  • Subtitles – support for Simplified Chinese
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – fix for lightbox caption not appearing
  • Bugfix – PHP 5.2 issue with json_encode
  • Bugfix – playlist items with ‘ symbols

6.5.2 – 2018/04/11

  • New feature – video intelligence ads
  • Bugfix – Video position saving – not working when playing HLS in Firefox

6.5.1 – 2018/04/04

  • Amazon S3 – Adding URL signature for subtitles
  • CSS – Responsive sizing of subtitles in fullscreen mode for large retina displays
  • Bugfix – Google Analytics – fixing label of “Unknown” to say “Unknown engine” which occurs when the video fails to play before engines are initialized
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – when used for playlist the first item was appearing twice in the lightbox view
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – when using the “text” lightbox with playlist it was rendering the playlist items as thumbnails
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – stopping the playlist styles from interfering – forcing horizontal playlist style for lightboxed playlist

6.5 – 2018/03/14

  • New feature – Video position saving for both guest and logged in users – see Settings -> FV Player -> Sidewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Remember video position
  • Custom video fields are now easy to add with the FV_Player_MetaBox PHP class
  • DASH – updating to latest tested Dash.js version
  • Bugfix – iframe embed code placing body closing tag in bad place
  • Bugfix – fix for PHP warnings on AMP pages
  • Bugfix – Shortcode editor bug when you select the subtitle language and it adds the subtitles twice
  • Bugfix – Subtitles in playlist – making sure multilingual subtitles work for the first item at least

6.4.2 – 2018/02/23

  • CSS – fixing the left and right alignment margin
  • HLS.js – making it pick the initial quality automatically, rather than using the first stream
  • JW Player Conversion – adding support for [jwplayer player=”3″ mediaid=”538527″] kind of shortcodes
  • Lightbox – fix for Ajax loaded content

6.4.1 – 2018/02/08

  • CSS – fullscreen subtitles font increased to 175% of the base size
  • Fix for protocol relative splash screen URLs
  • Playlist tabs – fix for appearance when using narrow player in wide container

6.4 – 2018/01/22

  • Amazon S3 – applying the signature to splash images too
  • Audio suport – getting rid of the Media Element component
  • Iframe embedding – fix for scrollbars showing up
  • Iframe embedding – allowing native fullscreen for iOS as it’s the way of getting fullscreen from iframe on it
  • Iframe embedding – WP Rocket Critical CSS fix
  • Lightbox – improving support for responsive images by adding data-colorbox-srcset on image anchors which lists all the bigger image sizes
  • Playlist – disregarding player dimensions when using horizontal playlist – to make sure they line up nicely
  • Playlist – new style: Slider!
  • Playlist – removing Prev/Next arrows if it’s not actually a playlist
  • Bugfix – video URL showing to users in error messages, which should only show up for admins

6.3.11 – 2017/11/20

  • New feature – Sticky Video – lets your viewers continue watching the video as they scroll past it. It applies to desktop computer displays – minimal width of 1200 pixels. See Setting -> FV Player -> Skin -> Sticky Video, thanks to Dan Hostettler
  • Lightbox – improving retina image parsing

6.3.10 – 2017/11/13

  • Splash Text – new optional shortcode editor field to insert text below the play button
  • Video linking – simplifying the link format from http://site.com/my-video/#fvp_example?t=1m33s to http://site.com/my-video/#fvp_example,1m33s to increase compatibility
  • Bugfix – Popup styling for mobile screens
  • Bugfix – Video linking – bug fix for Vimeo quality switching (Pro)

6.3.9 – 2017/11/08

  • Safari 11 – disabling autoplay as it was failing to play the video without user interaction, in case of Vimeo failing to play at all. Proper fix coming in FV Player 7.

6.3.8 – 2017/11/06

  • Bugfix – comas in post content not appearing on site for some users
  • CSS – avoiding FOUC when loading playlist tabs
  • Lightbox – fix for WebP images and responsive image picking
  • Lightbox – keyboard arrow keys no longer switch to next video/image if the video is playing

6.3.7 – 2017/10/17

  • Mobile – iPhone iOS 11 fix for AWS hosted videos (CORS issue)

6.3.6 – 2017/10/12

  • Fix for PHP warnings
  • Mobile – iPhone iOS 11 fullscreen fix

6.3.5 – 2017/10/11

  • Bugfix – Playlist markup bug
  • Bugfix – Playlist alignment issue when using vertical playlist together with align shortcode attribute

6.3.4 – 2017/10/09

  • HLS – updated the HLS.js library
  • Shortcode Editor – preview reworked due to stability issues

6.3.3 – 2017/09/26

  • Wistia – basic iframe embed support
  • Fix for PHP warnings when video duration check is active

6.3.2 – 2017/09/18

  • Playlist – fix for users who use “Prev/Next” playlist style globally

6.3.1 – 2017/09/11

  • CSS – Fix for “2014” playlist design on mobile and “Now playing” on it

6.3 – 2017/09/07

  • CSS – New playlist designs! Pick one of the designs in Settings -> FV Player -> Skin -> Playlist
  • CSS – Player width setting – now you can enter 100% for player width
  • Visual Composer – text module now support FV Player shortcode editor

6.2.10 – 2017/09/04

  • Google Analytics – fix for HLS streams turning up as “index” only – adding last directory name into it as well, so you will get my-video/index now.

6.2.9 – 2017/08/28

  • Fix for error message not appearing on old browser using Flash

6.2.8 – 2017/08/25

  • Fix for fullscreen mode on Chrome 60 on Android – was using native fullscreen

6.2.7 – 2017/08/25

  • Fix for Download button appearing in Chrome 60 on Android when using native fullscreen
  • CSS – making the timeline wider if there are subtitles but no volume control (mobile)
  • Lightbox – parsing link rel attribute to allow you to create lightboxes which are not grouped into galleries. Very useful for lightboxes which show inline HTML or iframe.

6.2.6 – 2017/07/26

  • Android – fix for duplicate warning about obsolete stock browsers on Android 4
  • Core Flowplayer – Chrome 59-60 not showing video error messages, applying bugfix https://github.com/flowplayer/flowplayer/issues/1221
  • JW Player – conversion tool added – takes care of [jwplayer] shortcodes with file, image and playlistid parameters.

6.2.5 – 2017/07/21

  • RTMP – more parsing fixes for streams without extension or full RTMP URL

6.2.4 – 2017/07/20

  • RTMP – parsing fixes for streams without extension and full RTMP URL like rtmp://{server}/path/{extension}:{stream_name}
  • Bugfix – relative video paths

6.2.3 – 2017/07/14

  • Playlist – bringing back the captions for mobile, on desktop they show up on hower
  • Improved handling for default splash screen (will be used for playlist as well, but won’t show up for audio player)
  • Bugfix for loading of mobile video

6.2.2 – 2017/07/13

  • Fix for PHP versions below 5.4

6.2 – 2017/07/12

  • New feature – Email subscription forms with Mailchimp support, check Actions -> Email Popups
  • Audio support – new audio player styling, try enabling Integration/Compatibility -> Enable audio playback (beta)
  • Playlist – new styling
  • CSS – optimizing the player graphics
  • HLS.js – fix for Flash fallback – if it failed on the page once, it was forcing any further HLS playback to use Flash
  • Mobile – “Force fullscreen on mobile” fix for iPhone with iOS 10
  • Fixing shortcode editor JS glitch with playlist subtitles

6.1.5 – 2017/06/29

  • Compatibility – bugfix for FV Player widget as it was breaking Featured Image insertion when also using DesignThemes Core Features Plugin
  • Iframe embedding – using width and height attributes like YouTube or Vimeo to ensure FV Player Iframe embeds are responsive at least in themes with iframe responsiveness code
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming – adding support for http://.streaming.mediaservices.windows.net/.ism/manifest(format=mpd-time-csf) and …(format=m3u8-aapl) kind of URLs
  • Reverting – Ajax loading – fix for repeated autoplay if your theme loads FV Player using Ajax and uses autoplay for the loaded content. You have to set fv_player_did_autoplay = false in your JavaScript instead.
  • Bugfix – “audio” errors showing instead of “video” errors

6.1.4 – 2017/06/22

  • Ads – close icon size increased and retina version provided
  • Ajax loading – fix for repeated autoplay if your theme loads FV Player using Ajax and uses autoplay for the loaded content
  • HLS.js – updated the core library to latest version
  • Lightbox for image – fix srcset parsing when the first image is the biggest one

6.1.3 – 2017/06/12

  • Fix for player loading for WPLMS users

6.1.2 – 2017/06/09

  • MPEG-DASH – making sure the automated quality switching respects the player size
  • Mobile – added “Mobile Settings” box with “Use native fullscreen on mobile” and “Force fullscreen on mobile” (beta) settings
  • Subtitles – playlist support!

6.1.1 – 2017/06/05

  • Keyboard controls – setting left/right arrow keys to jump 5 seconds back/forward and Shift+n/p keys to go to next/previous playlist item. ‘c’ will cycle through the subtitles

6.1 – 2017/05/31

  • Switching to a more sensible numbering – not using the core Flowplayer version number anymore
  • Lightbox – moving CSS to another file for optimized loading speeds on mobile if only lightbox is used and no video is on page
  • Bugfix – JavaScript warnings related to popups
  • Bugfix – OptimizePress – making sure FV Player CSS loads after OptimizePress CSS – 2017/05/25

  • Bugfix – Autoplay breaking mobile playback! – 2017/05/25

  • CSS – if it’s not loaded but JS is enqueued, we load CSS in footer – safety measure for weird pagebuilder themes. – 2017/05/23

  • Markup – getting rid of use of HTML5 video tag to unify the player code of single videos and video playlist
  • CSS – moving FV Player stylesheet down to increase it’s priority over the WP themes. Pro users need to upgrade FV Player Pro as well if they experience slight display issues.
  • CSS – only loading if FV Player is found in the posts which are about to display or in any active widget or if there is some image for lightbox. In case of missing player styles use “Load FV Flowplayer JS everywhere” setting.
  • Lightbox for images – supports srcset to make sure properly sizes images are loaded into lightbox view
  • SEO – support for Schema.org markup, enable “Use Schema.org markup” – 2017/05/09

  • Amazon S3 – adding support for new AWS Regions – US East (Ohio), Asia Pacific (Mumbai) and EU (London).
  • End Popup – making sure it works on the last item in playlist only
  • Speed control – making sure it works for Android when using Firefox
  • Vimeo (Pro) – showing a notice to install Firefox if user has playback issues due to TLS 1.2 incompatibility on Android 4 and old OS X. More details: https://foliovision.com/2017/05/issues-with-vimeo-on-android – 2017/04/04

  • Bugfix – Compatibility for browsers with localStorage blocked
  • Bugfix – Playlist autoadvance disabled for people who upgrade from FV Player
  • Bugfix – Playlist autoplay broken when Video Links disabled
  • Bugfix – Sharing – Fix for Twitter post titles – 2017/03/29

  • Feature – Video Links – Adds a “Link” item to the top bar. Clicking it gives your visitors a link to the exact place in the video they are watching. On by default, unless you have disabled embedding.
  • Feature – Sharing settings added into shortcode editor
  • Beta Feature – Audio support – allows you to use all the FV Player Pro features with audio and also playlists. Needs to be enabled in “Sidewide FV Player Defaults”.
  • Bugfix – making the license check work even if SSL certificates are not installed on your server
  • Bugfix – subtitles not server via https:// when using SSL and paths without domain name – 2017/03/15

  • Compatibility – fix for Gravity Forms Partial Entries when video starts playing on background
  • Feature – clicking playlist item now scrolls to the player if it’s outside of view
  • Bugfix – disabling video element right click menu
  • Bugfix – shortcode editor preview not working in some themes
  • Code refactoring – 2017/02/22

  • CSS – fixing play icon size on mobile devices in fullscreen
  • Feature – Disable Playlist Autoadvance global setting and also a shortcode editor option
  • Feature – Removing FV Simpler SEO and FV Tracker tracking from Shortcode Editor preview
  • Feature – Sharing text “Check the amazing video here” can now be customized using the “Sharing Text” global setting
  • Feature – Skin settings – quick preview of subtitle styling
  • Bugfix – Shortcode editor – disabling live preview to increase stability, use the “Refresh preview” button or Enter key – 2017/02/09

  • Mobile – using the native fullscreen only on older devices – iPad with iOS < 7 and Android < 4.4. This takes care of the Google Chrome video download button – 2017/02/07

  • Feature – Facebook Video Sharing – when enabled the first MP4 video in the post will be shared directly rather than the post excerpt.
  • Feature – Lightbox – now you can use HTML like to make clicking that image open a video
  • Feature – Skin settings – now you can see the changes you are doing live if you play the video
  • CSS – renaming the play-button class to fvp-play-button to prevent conflicts with some themes
  • CSS – subtitle styling improvements
  • Bugfix – PHP 5.2 compatilibty fix for FV Player widget – 2017/01/30

  • Feature – Featured image – check the “Add featured image automatically” setting and video splash image will be set as featured image if it’s not already specified
  • Feature – HLS – video duration check now works with m3u8 files
  • Feature – Subtitles – added settings for font face, backgroud opacity and color
  • Fix – Lightbox – moving into a separate file for faster loading if using for images
  • Fix – Splash screen ascept ratio incorrect during pageloads if not matching the player size
  • Fix – Splash screen showing with black border if ascept ratio not matching player aspect ratio in Chrome
  • CSS – fix for splash screen appearing behind the video when aspect ratios don’t match and the video is paused
  • Beta feature – User Profile Videos now supports bbPress and Easy Digital Downloads – 2017/01/13

  • Feature – Subtitles – Added option for SDH (Subtitles for the deaf or hard-of-hearing)
  • Fix – Iframe embedding scrollbars appearing
  • Fix – Iframe embedding for Youtube and Vimeo is now responsive
  • Fix – Lightbox – no longer using href attribute to increase theme compatibility
  • Translations – German translation improvements contributed by Helmar Rudolph http://www.helmar.org/ – 2017/01/05

  • “FV WordPressFlowplayer” menu item – removed, look for “FV Player”
  • Fix – Chrome 55 adds download button for the video player which appears for fullscreen mode on mobile – hiding this button
  • Bugfix – RTMP – making sure it takes priority over other formats to prevent browser from trying to load HLS in Flash engine – 2016/12/23

  • Feature – “Parse Vimeo and YouTube links” option now affects BuddyPress as well
  • Bugfix – HLS – fix for HLS.js fallback to Flash HLS in playlists
  • Bugfix – Iframe embedding – not working for posts
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – text links not working in Divi theme due to their smooth scrolling script
  • Bugfix – Lightbox – fix for images regex to pick the right anchor tag
  • Bugfix – New Shortcode Editor – disabled for Edge and Safari due to stability issues for now – 2016/12/13

  • New Shortcode Editor! Better looking, with improved workflow and video preview functionality. – 2016/12/08

  • Feature – Google Analytics – added tracking of playback errors
  • Feature – HLS.js – added code for HLS playback using JavaScript without need for Flash – for all modern desktop browsers. Check the “Enable HLS.js” option
  • Feature – Lightbox can now be disabled for WP galleries – check the “Use video lightbox for WP Galleries” setting
  • Pro – Beta – Vimeo MPEG-DASH playback option – 2016/12/02

  • Fix – strange videos appearing in posts on some sites due to PHP incompatibilites – 2016/12/01

  • Fix – strange videos appearing in posts on some sites due to PHP incompatibilites – 2016/11/30

  • Feature – Amazon S3 – support for the new region Seoul, thanks to mods2003
  • Feature – Lightbox – added support for WP [gallery] galleries – these will automatically link the items to media files rather than attachment pages when “Use video lightbox for images as well” option is enabled.
  • Feature – MPEG-DASH support
  • Beta feature – User Profile Videos added, use Integrations/Compatbility -> Enable profile videos
  • Beta feature – Users Ultra integration, use Integrations/Compatbility -> Enable profile videos
  • Fix – AMP – disabling the custom integration as it was breaking the AMP validation
  • Fix – AMP – putting in new code which uses bare tag for AMP if possible (no playlist and the video has to be on https://)
  • Fix – Shortcode editor – fix for Foliopress WYSIWYG
  • Pro – Beta – User AB loop – improved keyboard controls – 2016/10/19

  • Feature – iPhone iOS 10 – improved support, the device doesn’t require use of native fullscreen
  • Pro – Beta – Video transcript feature – shows VTT subtitles below the video in a clickable form with highlight – 2016/10/17

  • CSS – disabling text selection highlight for the player
  • Integrations – option to automatically convert Vimeo and YouTube links in comments to players
  • Fix – Lightbox – fix for single videos when no FV Player Pro
  • Fix – Shortcode editor – making it work with the “Text” tab of WP editor
  • Fix – Shortcode editor – fix for scroll position changing when it gets opened
  • Fix – Video checker – RTMP checking in playlist
  • Fix – YouTube – making sure the basic iframe embedding uses protocol independent URLs
  • Pro – Beta – YouTube improvements for iPhone – 2016/10/06

  • Lightbox – fix for images with uppercase file extension
  • Lightbox – fix for videos with video ads (Pro)
  • Compatibility – Improved compatibility with Elasticpress plugin.
  • Compatibility – fix for PHP memory warnings when checking video length on post save
  • Compatibility – fix for Pods plugin (there were issues in some cases)
  • Playlist – setting active element before video starts playing
  • Shortcode editor – shortcode parsing fix
  • Translations – changing language domain to fv-wordpress-flowplayer
  • Pro – Video ads – making it work again when using video lightbox
  • Pro – Video ads – support for Google Analytics added – 2016/07/28

  • Feature – Settings screen – added tabs
  • Feature – Popup Ads – improved UI for popup ads – moved to “Actions” tab on settings screen
  • Fix – div class=”fp-playlist-vertical-wrapper” appearing around player when no playlist is used – resulting in bad player width or alignment
  • Pro – Beta – YouTube and Vimeo splash screen URLs and captions are now getting stored in the shortcodes – 2016/07/26

  • Feature – Color settings – added more settings for playlist colors
  • Fix – Iframe embedding – compatibility fixes – needed for websites which load FV Player outside of post_content
  • Fix – Speed buttons – fix for iPad to not pause after speed change
  • Pro – Beta – Encrypted HLS – 2016/06/23

  • Lightbox – Fix for php warnings – 2016/06/21

  • Fix – Lightbox – you can now use Link to have a working link in case user has JS disabled or something goes wrong
  • Fix – Video error messages – The error message no longer reveals the URL to users who are not admins or editors – 2016/06/20

  • Feature – Live streams – if your RTMP streams are not smooth, make sure you enable Integrations/Compatibility -> RTMP bufferTime tweak.
  • Pro – Version switching – you can now easily switch FV Player Pro to its latest beta version

6.0.5 – 2016/06/17

  • Core – updated to Flowplayer 6.0.5
  • Pro – Beta – improved YouTube loading for mobile (single click) – 2016/06/08

  • Feature – Controlbar – FV Player now shows a thin timeline below the video even when using controlbar=”no”
  • Fix – Compatibility witch WPBakery Visual Composer tabs – 2016/06/03

  • Fix – Amazon S3 – fix for signed URLs when using tabbed playlist
  • Fix – Logo – fix for display in full-screen – 2016/06/01

  • Lightbox feature – for both your videos and images
  • Popups – support for input and textarea tags added
  • Shortcode editor – new icon (button) – 2016/05/23

  • Feature – Volume – Volume is now remembered between page loads and across all instances of the player
  • Pro – YouTube – fix for mobile when playing HTML5 video after a YouTube video in playlist – 2016/05/16

  • Fix – Iframe embedding – fix for responsiveness
  • Video checker – please make sure you upgrade this plugin to continue using it – 2016/05/13

  • Feature – Google Analytics – improvement needed for laters FV Player Pro – 2016/04/29

  • Fix – Cloudfront – http/https problem on mobile devices – 2016/04/26

  • Fix – PHP errors – greater compatibility – 2016/04/26

  • Feature – Speed Buttons – added option to chose steps of 0.1 0.25 0.5 seconds, see Sitewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Speed Step
  • Pro – Vimeo – integration rewritten from scratch
  • Pro – Vimeo – support for both local and Vimeo subtitles added
  • Pro – CloudFront – integration rewritten from scratch – 2016/04/22

  • Fix – WordPress 4.5 – malfunctions of shortcode editor
  • Pro – Horizontal flip button – Lefty view – 2016/04/05

  • Feature – Ads – setting to show the ad after X seconds
  • Fix – Amazon S3 – fix for ‘ symbol in signed URLs
  • Fix – Iframe embedding – fixed admin bar and style – 2016/03/23

  • Plugin name changed to FV Player
  • Feature – Added FV Player widget to allow inserting player into sidebar easily
  • Feature – AMP – support for the WordPress AMP plugin
  • Feature – Playlist style vertical added (beta)
  • Translations – fixes – 2016/02/26

  • Playlist – fixing the fv_player_pro_playlist_items filter – renamed to fv_flowplayer_playlist_items because with conflict with addon plugin
  • Settings screen – new styling, translations will be updated soon! – 2016/02/17

  • Playlist – adding Prev/Next style (with some only basic styling currently)
  • Playlist – improving the fv_player_pro_playlist_items filter – 2016/02/10

  • Translations – Added Czech language
  • Translations – Added German language
  • Translations – Added Spanish language – 2016/02/08

  • Fix – Playlist – autoplay – 2016/02/05

  • Fix – Iframe embedding – fixing stray debug code appearing in the iframe embeds
  • Pro – VTT Chapters – added support for AB looping – 2016/01/27

  • Feature – Playlist – Allow plugins to create custom playlist styles
  • Fix – Improving file extension parsing for URLs with http:// in query argument
  • Pro – Lightbox – playlist items now show up in lightbox as separate items
  • Pro – Vimeo – access token check added – 2016/01/22

  • Fix – Controlbar – appearance when controlbar set to always on
  • Pro – Speed buttons – now working with YouTube videos – 2016/01/12

  • Feature – Subtitles – multilingual subtitles support added! – 2016/01/05

  • Fix – PHP warnings for websites without permalinks fixed – 2015/12/23

  • Feature – Subtitles – added “Subtitles On By Default” setting
  • Feature – Subtitles – the subtitles button now uses your language name (as set in WordPress) – 2015/12/15

  • Compatibility – Flash engine – fix for URLs with %2A and %2F in them
  • Fix – Playlist tabs – autoplay not working.
  • Pro – Vimeo – support for Full HD resolution added – 2015/12/09

  • Beta feature – iframe embedding fixes
  • Pro – Lightbox for images – adding compatibility with WP galleries and shortcodes

6.0.4 – 2015/12/07

  • Core – upgrade to latest core Flowplayer (6.0.4) – 2015/11/16

  • Fix – applying Flash engine fix for complex URLs – 2015/11/04

  • Fix – autoplay when enabled for multiple videos on a single page
  • Fix – Flash engine bug when using complex file URLs with & and other chars – 2015/10/15

  • Fix – Using safer names for CSS images – 2015/10/08

  • Fix – Playlist tabs – fix for Divi (Elegant Themes) triggering scroll action on tab click
  • Fix – Playlist tabs – fix for pausing the playing video on tab switch event
  • Fix – RTMP playback for streams without extension prefix (where rtmp_path=”live” instead of rtmp_path=”mp4:live”) – 2015/09/10

  • Feature – playlist style “Tabs” added with per player setting in shortcode editor
  • Feature – per player speed buttons setting for shortcode editor – 2015/09/08

  • Making the license field more prominent
  • Bugfix – FV Flowplayer 5 -> 6 update process
  • Pro – Feature – Vimeo and YouTube embed code converter – 2015/08/28

  • Security fixes – CSFR protection for settings page – 2015/08/20

  • Bugfix – bad logo link for licensed users revised – 2015/08/18

  • Bugfix – bad logo link for licensed users
  • Bugfix – video checker fix – 2015/08/11

  • Bugfix – CSS rewriting fix
  • Bugfix – updated SWF files

6.0.3 – 2015/08/11

  • Core – upgrade to Flowplayer 6.0.3 – 2015/07/30

  • Bugfix – PHP missing includes – 2015/07/15

  • Bugfix – fix for CSS font paths

6.0.2 – 2015/07/09

  • Upgrade to Flowplayer 6 core! HLS Flash playback, skin improvements, hover tooltip for seeking and a lot more.

2.4.2 – 2015/07/22

  • Flowplayer 6 – last preparations for the upgrade

2.4.1 – 2015/07/20

  • CSS – making sure the CSS writeout uses protocol independent links

2.4 – 2015/07/15

  • Compatibily – CSS styles are now loaded using WP API wp_enqueue_scripts()

2.3.17 – 2015/07/07

  • Core – putting in warning for Flowplayer 6 upgrade

2.3.16 – 2015/05/28

  • Feature – MPEG DASH experimental support
  • Feature – support for translations (covers front-end error messages and shortcode editor)
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 signed URLs – AWS signature version 4 fixes
  • Bugfix – playlist loading improvements
  • Bugfix – styling fixes (for FV Player Pro)
  • Pro – Vimeo channel support added
  • Pro – Custom Video Ads now show remaining time and a skip button

2.3.15 – 2015/04/24

  • Bugfix – Fix for fancy quotes in shortcode attributes.
  • Bugfix – Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 pretend to be Android and iPhone – breaking the playback. Fixed.
  • Bugfix – RTMP extension parsing fix for RTMP path like mp4:file.mp4

2.3.14 – 2015/04/20

  • Feature – speed control buttons – check Settings -> FV Player -> Player Skin – Speed Buttons
  • Feature – support for [video] shortcode – check Settings -> FV Player -> Integrations -> Handle WordPress [video] shortcodes. This will be the new default in a couple of versions.
  • Bugfix – fix for disappearing share bar (caused by new Google Analytics tracking in last version)

2.3.13 – 2015/04/17

  • Feature – Google Analytics now tracks Video start, first/second/third quartile and completed playback
  • Bugfix – OptimizePress 2 LiveEditor fix – live preview of video disabled for better compatibility
  • Bugfix – RTMP playlist parsing fix is you enter the RTMP path like mp4:file.mp4

2.3.12 – 2015/02/13

  • Feature – player position setting – lets you change the default centering to left align with no text wrapping
  • Feature – RSS – improving player appearance
  • Bugfix – autobuffering option fixed
  • Bugfix – FV Flowplayer preview in admin screen conflict with WP Media Library fixed

2.3.11 – 2015/01/30

  • Feature – setting for default splash screen added in Settings -> FV Player -> Sitewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Splash Image
  • Bugfix – iOS 8 playback issues when using Video app
  • Bugfix – playback issues when Google Analytics is configured for FV Flowplayer and it’s blocked by some browser extension (like Ghostery)

2.3.10 – 2015/01/21

  • Fix – admin player preview fixes
  • Fix – code revisions, code optimizations for wp-admin
  • Fix – src attribute parsing when fv_flowplayer_shortcode filter is used
  • Fix – touch devices now use the device native fullscreen playback due to the inperfections in the browser fullscreen modes in different mobile browsers
  • Pro – Fix for Vimeo video names in Google Analytics stats

2.3.9 – 2015/01/07

  • Fix – added “Region” setting for the Amazon S3 buckets. It’s required for AWS Signature Version 4 used by Frankfurt region.
  • Bugfix – audio player responsivendess
  • Bugfix – ratio uses coma instead of dot for decimal numbers on some servers – breaking things
  • Bugfix – some PHP warnings
  • Pro – YouTube Android < 4.3 fixes

2.3.8 – 2014/12/09

  • Feature – upgrade to latest core Flowplayer (5.5.2 you- fixed for HLS, Flash performance, Windows Phone 8.1)
  • Feature – [fvplayer post=”{post id or ‘this’}”] shows all the attached video files
  • Feature – caption now shows up even for single videos
  • Feature – live streams now show this message if the loading fails: “Live stream load failed. Please try again later, perhaps the stream is currently offline.”
  • Feature – playlist editor now has all the media upload buttons it needs
  • Bugfix – player alignment was aligning it to the wrong/oposite side
  • Bugfix – playlist editor showing duration of the last video added for new items
  • Pro – Vimeo – improved loading for mobile users and quality switching improvements

2.3.7 – 2014/12/01

  • Fix – changing retina CSS sprites to use a different post-fix. @x2 has issues with “All In One WP Security & Firewall” plugin
  • Pro – fix for Lightbox splash image responsiveness

2.3.6 – 2014/11/20

  • Bugfix – fix for auto play of playlists affecting other players on the page.
  • Bugfix – fix for handling of videos on attachment pages
  • Bugfix – fix for RTMP URLs with no file type like rtmp://host/live:stream-name
  • Pro – fix for dynamic playlist (Vimeo, CloudFront) autoplay

2.3.5 – 2014/10/30

  • Feature – added logo position option – see Settings -> FV Player -> Sitewide Flowplayer Defaults -> Logo
  • Feature – added subtitle font size option – see Settings -> FV Player -> Player Skin -> Subitle Font Size
  • Bugfix – bugfix for default volumne setting when set to 0 (mute)
  • Pro – YouTube playlist items duration fix

2.3.4 – 2014/10/16

  • Feature – add %random% to your ad code to put in a random number if required by the ad provider
  • Feature – added option to skip CSS optimization (see Integrations settings)
  • Feature – shortcode editor now uses the latest Media Library interface to upload the videos
  • Bugfix – ad codes don’t need to be responsive now that we check the player size before showing the code
  • Bugfix – fixes for Google Chrome version checks
  • Bugfix – shortcode editor fixes for /”
  • Pro – Vimeo quality switching added (beta)

2.3.3 – 2014/10/13

  • Feature – ad and popup feature now only loads the HTML content if the event (video playback or video end) occurs – making it more suitable for ads (as they won’t load on background)
  • Feature – custom plugin row action links added for easier access to Settings
  • Feature – Scan video length – more information about videos in queue
  • Feature – Scan video length – “Scan Now” button added!
  • Bugfix – Scan video length was using Flash encoded URLs
  • Bugfix – video splash image appearing around the video when video aspect ratio doesn’t match the player size
  • Pro – video lightbox links

2.3.2 – 2014/10/06

  • Bugfix – bad Twitter sharing URLs
  • Bugfix – fix for [fvplayer] shortcode handling in text widgets
  • Pro – fix for start/end time in seconds

2.3.1 – 2014/10/06

  • Feature – Colorbox compatibility (enhancement for programmers, Pro version has its own video and image lightbox gallery)
  • Bugfix – fix for volume setting (no values above 1)
  • Pro – easier video lightbox – type in click here to play video and it will be open a lightbox with the video playing
  • Pro – fixed YouTube video end bug when using Google Analytics tracking
  • Pro – Quality Switching interface improved
  • Pro (Beta) – added custom video ads (pre-roll, post-roll)
  • Pro (Beta) – added support for custom video start and end time

2.3 – 2014/09/23

  • Feature – upgreaded to latest core Flowplayer (5.5.0)
  • Fix – fix for Windows Mobile 8.1 Update 1
  • Bugfix – editor bug in rate cases
  • Bugfix – video duratation checker fixes
  • Pro – YouTube – added support for Google Developer API to parse the video durations and splash screens properly

2.2.22 – 2014/09/05

  • Fix – WordPress 4.0 compatibility fix
  • Fix – logo CSS fix
  • Fix – video checker fixes
  • Feature – playlist_hide added

2.2.21 – 2014/08/07

  • Fix – mobile video is now used if there is no primary video
  • Fix – UI fade out changed from 2 to 5 seconds for touch devices
  • Fix – improved RTMP URL parsing to support rtmp://server/path/mp4:file-path URLs – however use RTMP server and RTMP path separately if possible
  • Bugfix – sharing buttons were appearing even when disabled globally
  • Pro – YouTube fix for Internet Explorer
  • Pro – Quality switching enabled for HLS and other fixes

2.2.20 – 2014/08/05

  • Feature – use share=”Title;URL” to specify a custom URL for sharing using the video sharing buttons. Use “no” and “yes” to enable/disabled the sharing on the video.
  • Fix – admin JavaScript check made less scary – it only shows up if you hover the player (and the JavaScript is broken of course)
  • Fix – relative video paths were not respecting HTTP/HTTPS preference
  • Fix – video checker won’t work in IE 9 – added a warnings about that
  • Fix – Android 4.x fullscreen compatibility fix (switch to native full screen mode as it’s more compatible)
  • Fix – Windows Mobile 8.1 compatibility fix (set to use inline playback)
  • Fix – RTMP streams without extension now don’t need “mp4:” entered at the start of path
  • Pro – YouTube support added (enable in settings first)!
  • Pro – Vimeo splash screen parsing (re-save your post to take effect)

2.2.19 – 2014/07/21

  • Fix – missing controlbar=”no” option for shortcode added
  • Bugfix – video checker display issues

2.2.18 – 2014/07/16

  • Bugfix – fix for PHP warnings

2.2.17 – 2014/07/11

  • Fix – plugin HTML made more robust – it won’t get damaged by some weird templates which put in P tags anymore
  • Fix – share bar CSS improved to not be affected by template CSS
  • Bugfix – plugin was failing to load its own JavaScript libraries in some rare cases (found on a website with Genesis framework, but we haven’t found a compatibility issue when using it)

2.2.16 – 2014/07/07

  • Feature – better support for Amazon S3 protected URLs and cache plugins – you can force a set expiry time now to match your cache timeout
  • Pro (version 0.1.8) – support for secured CloudFront

2.2.15 – 2014/07/03

  • Feature – added setting for default volume
  • Bugfix – rare IE 11 issues with splash screen on autoplay videos

2.2.14 – 2014/06/24

  • Bugfix – important fix for Chrome – share bar embed button was triggering video loading on background and thus causing extra traffic to the server
  • Bugfix – some PHP and admin JS warnings

2.2.13 – 2014/06/23

  • Bugfix – fix for embed function call when not available (non-fatal JavaScript error)
  • Bugfix – shortcode editor fixes for quotes in file URLs etc.
  • Bugfix – video checker was sometimes listing JavaScript objects

2.2.12 – 2014/06/19

  • Feature – play button now visible by default. Added option into Player Skin section.
  • Fix – settings screen cleanup
  • Beta feature – video duration scanning (check Integrations)
  • Pro (version – fixing PHP warnings

2.2.11 – 2014/06/17

  • Bugfix – PHP warnings on fresh install settings save
  • Pro (version – fixing image lightbox to add class only for images.
  • Pro (version – bugfix for quality switching.

2.2.10 – 2014/06/13

  • Bugfix – compatibility issues with “NextGen Gallery” plugin fixed
  • Bugfix – loading indicator fixes for IE (was causing rendering issues in some configurations)
  • Bugfix – share bar fixes for IE
  • Pro – quality switching now happens live, without reloading of the webpage!

2.2.9 – 2014/06/05

  • Feature – share bar added!
  • Bugfix – annoying iOS 7 bug where black lines appear after videos – fixed!
  • Bugfix – “Convert old shortcodes with commas” option changed to work with old [flowplayer] shortcodes only
  • Bugfix – Pro extension settings forgotten if Pro extension was deactivated and options saved afterwards
  • Bugfix – shortcode editor fixes for captions

2.2.8 – 2014/05/30

  • Fix – compatibility issues with “NextGen Gallery” plugin fixed
  • Fix – compatibility issues with “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” plugin fixed
  • Fix – Amazon S3 secure URLs in playlists were sometimes failing in Flash
  • Pro – improved Vimeo error messages
  • Pro – video lightbox now autoplays the video

2.2.7 – 2014/05/15

  • Feature – licensed users automatically get FV Player Pro extension (video lightbox, Vimeo)
  • Feature – video checker now also check RTMP!
  • Fix – playlist style fix – alignment of more than 4 items
  • Bugfix – basic Youtube embed fullscreen function
  • Pro – Pro extension released! Adds support for video lightbox and advanced Vimeo embedding!

2.2.6 – 2014/04/17

  • Fix – compatibility with WordPress 3.9 (it contains new TinyMCE editor version)

2.2.5 – 2014/04/16

  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 protected URLs for Flash only browsers (edge case)

2.2.4 – 2014/04/11

  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 protected URLs failure in edge cases on Flash devices
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 protected URLs in playlists
  • Bugfix – fix for cursor icon on playlist items
  • Bugfix – video checker now properly reports time out

2.2.3 – 2014/03/28

  • Feature – option to change video watermark logo per video – use logo=”http://your.logo/url.png” in shortcode. The sitewide logo has to be set for this to work though.
  • Feature – playlist captions added (turn on in Settings -> FV Player -> Post Interface Options)
  • Fix – admin front-end JavaScript checker now uses less aggressive color

2.2.2 – 2014/03/13

  • Bugfix – OptimizePress 2 integration “admin note” now showing only for admins
  • Bugfix – redirection finally works in Safari – if the popup fails, it opens the link in current window. Users can still use the browser back button.

2.2.1 – 2014/02/25

  • Feature – added setting for bottom player margin – default to 28px
  • Bugfix – CSS optimization – fix it the original CSS file fails to be opened
  • Bugfix – “no Flowplayer scripts on your site” when there were no videos on homepage

2.2 – 2014/02/24

  • Feature – attachment pages now work with FV Flowplayer
  • Feature – OptimizePress2 integration – FV Flowplayer handles the videos inserted in OptimizePress Live Edit
  • Feature – plugin skin CSS gets written into the main plugin CSS file to clean up your site header of any unnecessary style tags
  • Feature – support for live streaming (add live=”true” in shortcode)
  • Fix – audio – support for Amazon S3 protected links
  • Fix – “Check template” now looks for html5.js compatibility script and users see warnings on front-end if there are issues with JavaScript on the site
  • Fix – “Check videos” button now uses the same code as admin video checker and is more resilient
  • Fix – “Flash streaming server” settings acts as default RTMP server if there is none in the shortcode
  • Fix – JavaScript only loads if the player is in use on the page
  • Bugfix – bug in options initialization causing safety resize script missing on fresh install until save of the settings
  • Bugfix – splash image URL encoding

2.1.52 – 2014/01/10

  • Bugfix – critical bugfix for playlist parsing

2.1.51 – 2014/01/09

  • Fix – upgrade to latest core Flowplayer
  • Fix – removed unnucessary warnings from video checker
  • Bugfix – Foliopress WYSIWYG compatibility

2.1.50 – 2013/12/06

  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 bug after the JS optimization
  • Bugfix – fix for PHP warnings
  • Bugfix – Flashfit needs to be off by default to allow responsiveness
  • Bugfix – HLS type in video source tag

2.1.49 – 2013/11/21

  • Fix – Flowplayer configuration JS moved into footer
  • Bugfix – Playlist – RTMP parsing issues
  • Bugfix – Video Checker – disabled for PHP with Safe Mode On

2.1.48 – 2013/11/14

  • Fix – playlist editor lets you specify all the required formats for the playlist items
  • Fix – playlist thumbnails are 3:2 aspect ratio by default
  • Fix – upgrade to latest core Flowplayer (5.4.4) fixing a lot of bugs (iOS7, RTMP ghost connections, …)
  • Bugfix – Post Interface Options saving

2.1.47 – 2013/11/05

  • Fix – licensed users are required to agree on the automatic license key updates (required by WordPress.org policy)
  • Fix – embed code libraries linked from the site hosting the plugin (required by WordPress.org policy)

2.1.46 – 2013/11/04

  • Bugfix – playlist (beta) – improved HTML structure – fixes any playlist thumbnails display issues and responsiveness

2.1.45 – 2013/10/31

  • Feature – Vimeo support – for now just a basic iframe embed – enter your Vimeo URL or ID as the video source
  • Feature – Youtube support – for now just a basic iframe embed – enter your Youtube URL or ID as the video source

2.1.44 – 2013/10/22

  • Bugfix – playlist (beta) – fix for splash image sizing
  • Bugfix – playlist (beta) – shortcode editor was inserting empty playlist=”” attributes when no playlist entered.

2.1.43 – 2013/10/22

  • Fix – improved JavaScript – much less code in your site footer for each player

2.1.42 – 2013/10/18

  • Bugfix – playlist (beta) – fixed CSS when more than 4 items in playlist
  • Bugfix – playlist (beta) – fixed support for secure Amazon URLs – once more

2.1.41 – 2013/10/11

  • Bugfix – bbPress compatibility fix – issues with some templates
  • Bugfix – playlist (beta) – fixed support for secure Amazon URLs

2.1.40 – 2013/10/09

  • Feature – playlist support – initial version, please let us know about any issues
  • Fix – not using wp_get_headers() in video checker anymore – it was causing issues on some servers
  • Fix – changed mime type and seeking points warnings in video checker to yellow warnings instead of errors
  • Fix – added MPEG-1 warning to video checker
  • Bugfix – RTMP parsing

2.1.39 – 2013/09/30

  • Bugfix – Google Chrome preload disabler fix
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 signed URLs – fix for + symbols in the URL

2.1.38 – 2013/09/26

  • Bugfix – 3GP file parsing
  • Bugfix – 3GP video checker messages – shows warnings to provide a HTML5 version of the video

2.1.37 – 2013/09/25

  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 protected video length checking was interfering with some of the post saves in some cases

2.1.36 – 2013/09/23

  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 secure link generator was suddenly failing for links without the bucket name in path part of URL
  • Bugfix – typo in OGV video parsing resulting in bad video type
  • Bugfix – shortcode parsing when using oggtheora

2.1.35 – 2013/09/17

  • Fix – added class fv-flowplayer-mobile-switch to the mobile switch message P element
  • Fix – adjusted text of the template checker
  • Bugfix – changed name of the RELATIVE_PATH constant for better compatibility
  • Bugfix – video aspect ratio calculation for vertically oriented videos
  • Bugfix – “Send to Foliovision” function of video checker – switched to use same From address as the WordPress site

2.1.34 – 2013/08/23

  • Feature – template checker now also checks for working wp_footer hook in template
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 settings interface
  • Bugfix – video player sizing in weird templates

2.1.33 – 2013/08/22

  • Bugfix – fix for parsing of splash images (space characters)

2.1.32 – 2013/08/21

  • Feature – better use of WordPress filters – for programmers. Read the guide here: https://foliovision.com/player/api-programming
  • Feature – support for Amazon S3 secured URLs!
  • Fix – controlbar hides after 2 seconds of no mouse movement, it was 5 seconds before
  • Fix – new structure of the Settings screen
  • Fix – options and settings screen layout revised – engine preference, fixed player size and video checker preference changed to simple checkboxes
  • Bugfix – autobuffering now works only for first 2 videos also in HTML5
  • Bugfix – autoplay now works only for the first video on the page (use fv_flowplayer_autoplay_limit filter)
  • Bugfix – comma parsing turned off by default – it was causing issue with googlevideo.com URLs
  • Bugfix – global variable name $scripts changed to $fv_fp_scripts
  • Bugfix – video checker on WordPress Multisite media files

2.1.31 – 2013/08/09

  • Fix – fixed dimension ads are now responsive – only part which first into the video player is shown
  • Bugix – better Flash fallback for Google Chrome and Chromium – was not working without autobuffering ong

2.1.30 – 2013/08/08

  • Fix – autobuffering now works only for first 2 videos on page (‘fv_flowplayer_autobuffer_limit’ filter) – to save your bandwidth.
  • Fix – better Flash fallback for Google Chrome and Chromium – MP4 files just won’t play for some people, so we detect this problem and reload the player in Flash mode – better than preferring Flash for all Chrome browsers
  • Fix – player position is now calculated using JS if the player is too small – fixes issues with some of the themes, or when placing player into table with too many columns and no column width specified
  • Fix – various finish events now don’t use JS but CSS – popup, splashend.
  • Bugfix – loop function in Flash player fixed
  • Bugfix – player dimensions dropdown on settings screen
  • Bugfix – splashend function in Flash player fixed* Bugfix – splashend function in Flash player fixed
  • Bugfix – fix for rare occurrences of decimal numbers when fetching the video size in insert video dialog

2.1.29 – 2013/08/02

  • Bugfix – two boxes below each video removed – result of alpha version of playlist feature in our plugin. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  • Bugfix – Chrome check breaking the plugin JS

2.1.28 – 2013/08/01

  • Bugfix – we set Flash as preference in Chrome < 28 on Windows and Chrome < 27 on Linux. This tweak combined with disabled auto buffering on Chrome/Chromium should minimize issues with these browsers.
  • Bugfix – loading indicator was in way of the play button – making it impossible to click in the middle of it. This was originally tweaked to avoid issues with some templates on iDevices (we registered 1 user having issues with this)

2.1.27 – 2013/07/31

  • Feature – styling presets for ad – let’s you edit the ad CSS on the plugin settings screen
  • Fix – auto buffering is disabled for MP4 in Google Chrome and Chromium, as therse browsers sometimes don’t play MP4 and this seems to help
  • Bugfix – auto buffering was not working properly and now it’s fixed. It will be disabled after you upgrade this plugin. Please test it carefully before enabling it back on, mainly check your hosting bandwidth.

2.1.26 – 2013/07/26

  • Fix – improved vidoe checker appearance
  • Fix – player buttons fixed for white background
  • Fix – play icon changed to striked-over play icon on video error
  • Fix – video checker now detects bad mime type for WebM
  • Bugfix – video checker fixed for big files

2.1.25 – 2013/07/18

  • Bugfix – PHP warnings

2.1.24 – 2013/07/17

  • Fix – added warning for Youtube videos (we don’t have support for their embeding yet)
  • Fix – ad and popup background color moved from inline style attribute to header, so you can use your template CSS to alter it now
  • Fix – video checker warning about bad MOV mime type fixed. It only caused the playback issues with video/quicktime on Windows Firefox
  • Bugfix – a glitch in iPad and iPhone rendering was causing our player to hide the entire post content when using certain templates (ThemesIndep, CSS .fp-waiting can’t use display none there)
  • Bugfix – Amazon S3 signed URL parsing for Flash player – thanks goes out to Jeremy Madison for his contribution!
  • Bugfix – video checker now works with Amazon S3 signed URLs
  • Bugfix – parsing of video type from Amazon S3 signed URLs

2.1.23 – 2013/07/11

  • Fix – added warning for AVI videos – not supported by neither HTML5 nor Flash
  • Fix – m3u8 parsing
  • Fix – video checker now shows a tooltip that it’s visible to admins only
  • Bugfix – fix for editing of alternative video sources in “Add FV WP Flowplayer” dialog

2.1.22 – 2013/07/10

  • Feature – video checker now also suggests when the video should be re-encoded or an alternative format provided (simple checks)
  • Fix – you can now enter your RTMP server and RTMP video path independently for each video. Just click “Add RTMP” in the “Add FV WP Flowplayer” dialog.
  • Fix – iPad, iPhone and Android users are no longer advised to download Flash if their device doesn’t support the video. The notice now says: “Unsupported video format. Please use a Flash compatible device.”
  • Fix – Update to Flowplayer 5.4.3
  • Bugfix – video checker “Send report to Foliovision” now doesn’t interfere with Flowplayer shortcuts

2.1.20 – 2013/07/03

  • Feature – added setting for player border (on by default for upgrades from 1.x version)
  • Feature – added shortcode attribute for player alignment (enable in Interface Options)

2.1.19 – 2013/07/02

  • Feature – added setting for ad text and link color
  • Bugfix – video checker fix for Windows servers

2.1.18 – 2013/06/29

  • Bugfix – fix for bad MOV parsing for HTML5 playing

2.1.17 – 2013/06/28

  • Feature – Ad support! You can enter the global ad for your videos in plugin settings. Enable Interface options -> “Show Ads” to be able to specify ad in the video shortcode.
  • Feature – Mobile video support! You can specify the low-bandwidth version of the video. We are working on recommended encoding settings and better mobile detection.
  • Bugfix – fix for JetPack plugin conflict (After The Deadline)

2.1.16 – 2013/06/25

  • Fix – video checker now requires a comment for the video issue submission
  • Bugfix – video checker styling in older templates (no #content element)
  • Bugfix – video checker URL parsing
  • Bugfix – main plugin variable renamed, avoiding weird conflicts with some plugins

2.1.15 – 2013/06/24

  • Bugfix – “Check template” bugfixes and improvements for WP Minify
  • Bugfix – Fix for fix of Flowplayer preventing window.onload from firing on iPad
  • Bugfix – Fix for RTMP streams with no extension
  • Bugfix – Fix for video checker redirection and issues on some servers (which don’t use DOCUMENT_ROOT)
  • Bugfix – Settings screen moved to options-general.php?page=fvplayer

2.1.14 – 2013/06/12

  • Feature – Added support for audio! Just put your MP3, OGG, or WAV into your shortcode.
  • Feature – Added a function to report video not playing to Foliovision. Thank you for letting us know what videos don’t play for you in our player.
  • Styling – added some spacing below the video player
  • Fix – Admin front-end video checker now takes minimum of space
  • Bugfix – PHP warnings
  • Bugfix – for parsing of video with no extension
  • Bugfix – Flowplayer was preventing window.onload from firing on iPad

2.1.13 – 2013/06/05

  • Feature – Added support for subtitles – first enable “Show Subtitles” in Settings -> FV Player -> Interface options
  • Feature – Added options for what features show up in shortcode editor – check Settings -> Player -> Interface options
  • Feature – Added option to allow/disallow embeding per video
  • Fix – Admin front-end video checker is now less obnoxious – shows smaller messages and can be disabled in options
  • Bugfix – for shortcode parsing

2.1.12 – 2013/05/31

  • Feature – Front-end video checker now detects video codecs and other details (read “How to check my video properties using the built-in checker” in FAQ before we update our documentation )
  • Fix – Firefox on Windows prefers Flash for M4V files (due to issues on some PCs)
  • Styling – Fullscreen background color set to black
  • Styling – Fix for bad fullscreen dimensions in some browsers (Chrome)
  • Bugfix – Template checker bugfix for false positives (jQuery plugins detected as duplicite jQuery libraries)

2.1.11 – 2013/05/28

  • Fix – more improvements and bugfixes for RTMP handling
  • Fix – for template and videos checker

2.1.10 – 2013/05/28

  • Fix – Update to Flowplayer 5.4.2
  • Bugfix – more improvements and bugfixes for RTMP handling
  • Bugfix – for popup and redirection in Flash version of the player
  • Bugfix – for admin front-end check of the videos

2.1.9 – 2013/05/27

  • improvements and bugfixes for RTMP handling
  • improved styling of insert video dialog box
  • bugfix for autoplay is off for video when autoplay is on globally

2.1.8 – 2013/05/23

  • quick bugfix for Flowplayer script loading

2.1.7 – 2013/05/22

  • support for responsive layout enabled by default
  • automated check of template added to settings screen – checks if your template loads Flowplayer and jQuery libraries properly
  • automated check of video files added to setting screen – checks if your servers are using right mime type for videos

2.1.6 – 2013/05/21

  • quick fix for player skin – time values not appearing properly for some font faces

2.1.5 – 2013/05/17

  • player font face setting
  • improved appearance of the embed dialog
  • improved shortcode editor (does handle iframe in popup correctly)
  • various CSS fixes

2.1.4 – 2013/05/16

  • quick fix for shortcode parsing when there is a newline after src parameter

2.1.3 – 2013/05/15

  • Flowplayer now by default uses Flash (for better compatibility)
  • shortcode editor fixes
  • when using HTML5, admins get warnings about videos with bad mime type as they browse the site.
  • logged in admins see warnings above MP4 videos with bad mime type

2.1.2 – 2013/05/10

  • fix for player alignment (center by default)
  • fix for volume bar alignment (was not working properly when using obsolete <center> tags)

2.1.1 – 2013/05/08

  • fix for browser caching
  • upgrade to latest core Flowplayer (5.4.1)
  • additional fixes for smooth install (more compatible default settings)
  • lightening of branding
  • apologies to anyone who faced difficulties with the initial 2.1 version: FV Flowplayer 5 should work for you now

2.1 – 2013/05/02

  • small interface changes

2.0 – 2013/05/02

  • upgrade to Flowplayer 5
  • fixes in the shortcode editor


  • bugfix for wp-content paths
  • fix for some warnings
  • bugfix for popups and splash image at the end


  • Flowplayer shortcodes and placeholders removed from feed


  • Fixed Sharing permalink


  • Option in settings to prevent doubling the link in the popup box, default option is set to false (do not double)


  • Loading javascripts only when video is present on the page – optional, see settings page


  • XSS fix


  • FV Flowplayer removed from RSS feeds


  • fix for HTTPS, thanks to Scott Elkin


  • Bug with flush rules fixed


  • added options for default video size
  • problem with splasscreen at the end fixed
  • audio plugin installed foraudio tracks


  • Problem with widgets fixed


  • Support functions for future extensions added


  • Support functions for future extensions added


  • Wizard fixes
  • Added option for showing splash image at the end


  • HTML 5 suport for mobile browsers (Thanks for donation from enterpriseIT)
  • incorrect paths fixed


  • Option for keeping the aspect ratio of videos
  • Class ‘flowplayer_frontend’ not found bug fixed


  • License key entering fixed
  • Color entering fixed


  • Compatibility with the commercial version – possibility to insert licence key and get completely unbranded version
  • Fixed the conflict with media library


  • Flowplayer logos reintroduced at request of WordPress.org


  • widgets problems with splash image and controlbar fixed
  • cyan background color fixed


  • compatibility fixes
  • HTTPS support added


  • compatibility fixes
  • configuration file replaced by WP options


  • white spaces causing errors on some servers fixed


  • redirect feature added (Thanks for donation from Klaus Eickelpasch)
  • more bug fix for wp shortcodes api to be compatible with commas in shortcodes
  • fixed the absolute paths


  • bug fix for wp shortcodes api to be compatible with commas in shortcodes


  • autoplay option for single videos
  • show/hide control bar
  • show/hide fullscreen option
  • connected with wp media library, video and image upload is supported now (Thanks for donation from Kermit Woodhall)


  • added button & dialog window for easy video adding and editing


  • minor bug fixes


  • support for widget use and template use


  • Added a possibility to forbid the popup boxes.
  • Some output validation.
  • Minor visual improvements.


  • Added “Replay” and “Share” buttons to the popup box after video finishes.
  • Some performance tweaks concerning popup box.


  • First stable version ready to be published.
  • Removed farbtastic colour picker using jQuery from settings menu. Substituted by jscolor.