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Mapster’s on a mission! With Mapster WP Maps, we’re trying to make the best map editor and creator available for WordPress. So many of the existing plugins out there are outdated, difficult to use, and, worst of all, hide really basic features behind a paywall.

Check out Mapster WP Maps Pro for much more advanced features such as mass editing, huge imports, store locators, hover styling, and more.

With WordPress Maps, we currently integrate MapLibre (the open source Mapbox), Mapbox, and Google Maps.

Learn more about the plugin, get started, and check out the documentation at

We also have a site full of examples at!

You can use this plugin with or without access tokens and API keys, however you need.

A few features across different map types include:

  • Live map editor as you change and edit your map
  • Ability to add circles, markers, text, lines, polygons, and popups to your maps, and style them in many ways
  • Unlimited number of maps, unlimited features and markers
  • Control over map size, display, controls on the map, interactivity, and more
  • Integration of location searches, directions plugins, and more to come

We have a feature request forum open where you can feel free to submit feature requests and we will prioritize and respond to these.

This plugin effectively replaces our previous WP Mapbox GL JS plugin, which was a bit old and difficult to develop. This new plugin is much simpler to use and allows much more efficient development and bug fixing.

We have some FAQs and instructions up at, with more coming in the coming months! Please hit us up with any feature requests or bugs that you run into.


Your Friends at Mapster


  • Map editing interface.
  • Filter by distance with geocoding.
  • More editing.


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Mapster Map Select
  • Mapster WP Maps


  1. Upload mapster-wp-maps.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add an Access Token if you would like to use custom Mapbox styles or geocoders
  4. Click on “Maps” to start building your maps.
  5. Use the provided shortcodes to output these maps in your posts or widgets.


Something seems broken!

Get in touch with us at and we’ll message you back right away.

I’m not sure which type of map I should make!

No worries, we have posts to help you understand at

Do you have X feature?

Email us at, write a feature request, or leave a comment in the WordPress Support Forum.


सेप्टेम्बर 20, 2023
This is the best map plugin I have found, offering quick and simple setup if that's your thing (or your client's thing) but also being flexible and open for hooks and scripts if that's your thing. It's the best of both worlds and Victor is a responsive and thoughtful developer, quick to help me out with a small snag. Highly recommend!
सेप्टेम्बर 11, 2023
I must admit, there can be a notable learning curve here given the feature set. With that comes a level of flexibility that simple doesn't exist elsewhere in a mapping plugin. Victor has provided exemplary and timely support for which I'm greatly appreciative. He's been helpful not only in regard to features, but has helped guide me to an effective architecture appropriate for my goals. Great value, great support.
अगस्ट 29, 2023
I am very happy with the level of support provided by Victor. Our team needed a solution for a voter guide that we were working on and Victor provided extra support to make the plugin work for us. Search no further for a Mapbox WordPress plugin solution.
अगस्ट 28, 2023
I really recommend this plugin - I started with the basic version and then switched to the pro as my map advanced! Very user friendly plugin and great support!
अगस्ट 27, 2023
Victor picked up my request, quickly understood my issue and provided a pinpoint answer. Very quick response, correct answer, allowed me to config to meet my requirements AND i actually learned something. Thanks again Victor
जुन 1, 2023
The Plugin works well and looks really fine! I also got very helpful support when something wasn't working as expected and the error was fixed!
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Contributors & Developers

“Mapster WP Maps” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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  • Ability to create map caches
  • Simplification tool for shapes
  • Properly output content in feature object
  • Hovering bug fix for overlapping polygons


  • User submission datepicker bug
  • Modals able to render shortcode content
  • Category option to have numbers rendered
  • Ability to show category name as cluster instead of number
  • Freemius update


  • Previews for specialty map types
  • Improving modal close button
  • Renaming Mapbox Style URL to Style URL for all providers
  • Added ESRI Satellite layer
  • Layer control error correction
  • Improved user submission flow
  • Removing references to CSV regular importer
  • Adding features images to maps


  • Fix for popup image backgrounds
  • Incorrect update


  • User Submission error
  • Ensuring custom HTML shows correctly in map edit
  • Removing unneeded vendor files
  • Mass Edit for showing map in post
  • Correcting import count on title
  • GeoJSON download button fix
  • User Submission edit post display script fix
  • Map style slider beta
  • Heatmap beta
  • Reorganize map editor tabs
  • Elevation map beta
  • Fix for none permalink type
  • Download only included fields
  • Ensuring general and specific hooks both run


  • Fix to accordion layout (oops)
  • Ensuring premium plugin deactivates free plugin without an error
  • Improving script loading by pre-compiling
  • Restricting enqueued backend scripts to appropriate post types
  • Fixing click-to-link so doesn’t open when disabled
  • Fixing overflow scroll on List Control
  • More elegant marker clustering (no flash of single markers)
  • Ability to set number of search results for Custom Search Filter
  • Style switcher control
  • Layer switcher control
  • Different search options for Custom Search Filter


  • Removing extra field User Submission
  • Minor CSS fixes User Submission


  • Removing test code limiting uploads /facepalm


  • Fixes to category marker clustering


  • List control mobile layout fix
  • Limited geocoder country fix
  • Shortcode generator for features
  • Setting default template map
  • Improving centering of popups
  • Update instructions for importing shapefiles
  • Improving hover flickering on polygon popups
  • Completing first version CSV import
  • Fix to 3D terrain adding
  • Hovering on layer features improved
  • Extra list elements removed category filter
  • Speed improvements in Pro
  • Move attribution control
  • Move logo position
  • Allowing category exclusion for filter
  • Collapsible menu for category filter
  • Improved loading UX
  • Fixing icon size bug with large images


  • Added indicators of current map details in Manual Center and Zoom
  • Fixing geolocation on load bug
  • Custom list control store locator button
  • Fill extrusion bug fix


  • Extend zooming functionality to non-markers in List
  • Adding functionality for zoom on click popups


  • Allowing disable rotation and pitch
  • Adding functionality for center on click popups


  • Fix to embed code
  • Allowing uploading errored geojsons
  • Ability to change editing map style


  • Fixing encoding in Dropdown List
  • Mobile breakpoints
  • Update to latest ACF version, extracting styles


  • Improvements to User Submission
  • Expandable map edit screen
  • Download geoJSON edit screen
  • Showing proper labels for complex ACF fields
  • Adding Gutenberg selection block for map
  • Custom Images as base maps
  • Fix to map rotation (bearing)


  • Labels on checkboxes for filter
  • Strings for User Submission
  • WPML integration User Submission
  • Editing permissions User Submission


  • User Submission popups
  • Adding link to store locator fields
  • Category filter interact with Store Locator
  • Multi features initial shape


  • Restriction of user movement on map
  • Allowed area during user submission
  • Adding custom HTML control
  • Adding CSV export user submissions
  • Adding clustering by category
  • Translation strings for submission process


  • Bug fix layer trigger popup on load


  • Revision of user submission


  • Geocoder control fix


  • Ensure code fields show up in Free version
  • Adding globe view
  • Add geolocation on by default to control
  • Properly render HTML entities in Custom Search Filter
  • Remove marker from Custom Search Filter, add automatic popup open on markers


  • Open popup on feature layer on map load
  • Bug related to lines automatically showing dashes
  • Bug with X/Y positioning on labels and icons in production
  • Adding function to add category to a div
  • Making sure properties formatted properly when objects
  • Bug editing features in user submission with template overwrite
  • Loading support for Elementor elements
  • Unhiding height fields
  • Adding custom lat/long and zoom options to shortcode


  • Layout user submission
  • Adding wrapper, CSS, JS to user submission


  • Bug with duplication importing
  • Migration tool and documentation
  • Category fix
  • Semantic change user submission


  • First implementation 3D models
  • Adding starter tutorial
  • ListControl fix


  • Adding custom spatial database
  • Adding MultiPolygon, MultiLineString editing
  • Spatial API 1.0
  • Fix for local ACF and ACF Pro


  • Minor Mass Edit js bug


  • Full width fix for all containers
  • Optional widths for sidebar
  • Secondary categories in advanced importer
  • Adding dynamic features to custom HTML popup templates
  • Gallery margin-left fix


  • Adding custom style JSON
  • Google Maps first integration
  • Hiding Mapster WP Maps ACF field


  • Import bug with many properties
  • Mass edit small bug


  • Map projections
  • Update Mapbox 2.8.2
  • Adding 3D models first pass


  • Clustering for markers
  • 3D extrusions
  • Pitch and rotate enabled


  • Hover effects for popups


  • Custom HTML for popups


  • Integrating Freemius


  • Updates for WPML fetch all language posts
  • Fixing front end geocoder


  • Adding map display to location, line, and polygon post types
  • Fatal error
  • Image issue fixed


  • Major PHP bug fixed


  • CSS Admin menu
  • Domain fix


  • Popups stay open on mouse hover option
  • Customizable permalinks
  • Breaking errors


  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Splitting plugin into Basic and Pro
  • Quality of life fixes


  • Editor bug fixes
  • Marker overlapping bug fix


  • Bug fixes custom scripts
  • Allowing large file uploads


  • Bug fixes marker popups and dropdown list


  • Rewrite to make plugin more extendable and developer-friendly
  • Store locator functionality and addon
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes


  • Allow MultiLineString and MultiPolygon uploads into features
  • Significantly expanded Store Locator functionality
  • Prepping for addon plugins


  • Adding user submission of features
  • Bug with search filter not loading geocoder


  • Allowing category filter to be initialized “off”


  • Updating initial bounds zoom
  • Some issues with the last update, missing scripts


  • Improvement to script loading
  • Placeholder option for list control
  • Ability to turn off map horizontal duplication


  • Conditional script loading
  • Editor improvements adding/deleting
  • Editor improvements clustering icons
  • Addition of gallery slideshow to popups
  • Ability to open popups in a sidebar instead
  • Ability to enter in location coordinates directly


  • More API bug fixes


  • Bug fixes editor
  • Bug fixes API
  • Marker fix for category filter


  • Marking some features as in development
  • Improving marker image sizes


  • Improving marker clicks during mobile
  • Major loading improvements for larger maps


  • Fixing multiple maps on one page
  • Cross-origin image fix
  • Properly calling titles for filters
  • Click hover popups in mobile


  • Increasing specificity of button styles
  • Adding geosearch to Lines and Polygons


  • Fix pointer background bug
  • Easy duplication of posts
  • Improved bounds loading
  • Marker click to URL


  • Import geoJSON
  • Ability to interact via custom scripts
  • Full width maps
  • Fixed Safari/Firefox icon bug


  • Import from Mapbox WP GL JS
  • Add/remove features by category


  • Complete rewrite with ACF and jQuery


  • Adding Mapbox Terrain
  • Adding custom tilesets
  • Set view with a button
  • Tutorial links


  • Switching Mapbox 1.13 to MapLibre


  • Adding delete functionality
  • Improving geocoding
  • Improving view control


  • Adding location geocoding


  • Push to do beta testing.